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Positronic Brain - scratch build

Guest awadon

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Guest awadon

Now I have a question for wiser than myself. I hope the guys from LC could help me:)

Do you remember my distiller?



I've cut off the glass stubs extending on the sides. Otherwise it wouldn't come into the pipe.


And now what I want to achieve.

Glue in this place some stubs to LC. Except that I do not know what kind of glue to use to stick it to the glass. The second problem is that I will set the tube in to the pipe. I can not glue the stubs, and then make it through the brass. I want to drill a hole in the brass - may be greater, and only through this hole fix them in distiller . Maybe silicone used for aquariums would be good enough? Or maybe one of you has a different idea how to solve this?

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Great build. truly over the top.

It's starting to look like a mad scientist's lair. MWAHAHA. :laughing3:

Use 3m window weld available at any auto store or the 3m website.

It's designed specifically for gluing glass to metal. A little expensive and I've only ever seen it in larger tubes- expect it to cost $30. Use a 4-8inch nail in the tip to act as a cap, for future use.

Silcone caulking at $3 per tube from the hardware store is another alternative; but pulls easily from glass; not wear resistant. Aquarium caulk might be a better choice.

Good luck with the build.

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Guest awadon

Today, some pictures of the work progress.

I finished veneered components. I hope that nothing else left to veneer.



I'm slowly adding inlays. Well, it's good that I remembered about annealing brass. It goes much easier.




I've mounted LCD arm.



And for the dessert a package with LC connectors.


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Guest awadon

A basic case block looks like this.


Now it's time to assembly all components. The first element is a distiller.

I have three choices.

At the front. It would be embedded lower - more fits into the shape of a "saddle".


Behind the screen, but also low.


Or the last option. Behind the screen, but raised higher.




That's how it would look like.


And which option would you chose?

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Guest awadon

Something like this would be a best choice for me.


I just dont know, if the glass is strong enough, and dont break when I will be mounting it. I'm a little scared of that.

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Guest awadon

Today's playing with the brass.

I've cuted the tube.


Then I've soldered mounting of the distiller. (By the way, now I'm even more afraid of using this glass. It broke by it itself.)




I made a small parts that I intend to use as a ventilation in the monitor and in the LCD arm.




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