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USS EURISKO - Intrepid Mark II Class


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Ok here is a short update !

Fan Layout (92 mm scythe fans) integrated into the lower saucer section


started work on the DCIM's and armour plating


Tricky Business, The deflector tunnel was not properly formed. So I had to cut it up knowing I did not have enough foam left to replace it.


After a extremely helpfull visit to a guy who has been building his model airplanes for 30 years i have descided to take the negative/positive mold approach. So removed the tape and started filling the sides.

Big advantage is that i can rebuild the canope within hours if i screw up!


Total view , in the background the bottom saucer section drying.


So now a week of sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding, fill ....



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I will not bother you guys with pictures of the sanding and filling process but I have taking a old piece of mesh and cut it up to make more clear the "Dilithium Cooling Intake Manifold" idea.

I will place some fat CCFL's or LEDS behind the mesh.

Was a real task to get all the lining straight. Used a dremel to "sculpt" the filling and every night put on a layer of filling and sanding ...



But i am not quite there yet. The symmetrie is a little off, so out comes the trusted dremel !


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As Usual the first weekend update !

Hmm, what are these ?


Ahh, pylons!


And a Fitting session


Starting to look like something!




Tomorrow continue the sanding and filling of the pylons and brainstorm on how to fit the reservoirs and the 19mm tubing for the watercooling.

Before and After a round of sanding


Missed the correct symmetrie a lot of times, used up a lot of foam making mistakes. I really had to sit down to think why I got it wrong all the time and how to get the impuls drives correctly out of the foam.


Finally the right symmetrie !!!!!


Whats wrong with this picture... Can you see it ?


Nicely symmetrical but it had to be mirrored !!!!

:argue: , :violent1: , :angryfire: , :banghead: , :crybaby: , :bigsmurf:




And after that everything covered in filling and glued together!



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Here is part 1 of the overview of this weekend.







I was not looking forward to this job. I knew that if i was to mess up, a couple of weeks of work would go down the drain. Full enthousiasme started this job then...

I dont have to much pictures of the actual Epoxy work as the plastic gloves covered in Epoxy prevented me from using my camera.

So I first used several layers of loosening wax on the model. Let these layers dry and covered the model with a thick layer of epoxy. The placing of the glasfiber cloth on the straight and flat surfaces is not a problem, but then there were the corners.

What a DRAMA !!!

I knew of the difficulties with straight corners with glassfiber but I did not expect it to be that bad. A to straight of a corner (close to 90 degrees) will mean that a bubbel of air gets trapped on top of the corner and a corner with a radius will form in the lower part. The radius is not that bad, you can use a filler to resolve it. The bubbel on top on the other hand is not ok at all.

You cant push it down by hand (tried it, keeps popping up) and when not treated it can cause the paint to pop off when even moderate force is used on the model let alone fly at warp 9 :eyebrow: So I had to cut the bubbels out and fill them with epoxy.


For a layman simple forms and shapes are fairly easy. A complex shape like the EURISKO with several adjacent inner and outer corners is tough. Especially when there is a timelimit on the time epoxy can be used before it solidifies. For my next build I will think twice before using the material in this fashion again.

Here is the result!



Seperate the canope from the deflector tunnel


And back to the baseplate


Started to empty the canope. In the end I did not choose to do the positive/nagative mould. The primairy reason is that I do not trust myself enough with the epoxy.

(I can hear you thinking .... Yes changed direction again!!!)


The DCIM's can finally be opened


Layer on layer deeper. Looks kinda like an old roman theater!


Completely hollowed out the canope. Left some foam at strategic area's as the whole became encreasingly flexible and vulnarable. Due to the left foam the model will keep the intented form. I will put another layer of epoxy/glass on the inside making the canope around 2 cm's thick and much stronger.


Canope is completely finished. At least on the inside there is now enough room for the hardware. the outer layer will be covered with filling and I will recreate the straight corners.


So eventually it all came together. Had to do a lot of "On the Fly" adjustments but that is part of the fun for me. Thinking on my feet and adjusting where necessary.

As usual my wife was not so happy with me working on the model.




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Here's another short update

Took apart my old hobby pc for a test fitting in the Eurisko.

This is what it looked like as a V1


The V2 with a lot of plexiglass work, custom window and refitted case to house the internal 280 (roof) and 240 )(floor) radiators


Eurisko Test fitting



Can order the goodies now the internal dimensions have been confirmed. Looks like maybe I can even fit a pair of 6870's in crossfire :-)

Going to do the internal canope work tonight and start on the epoxy for the deflector tunnel.



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Here's a pic that will give you a better idea of the dimensions.

She is 154 cm long, 61 cm wide and 34 cm high !

Before you ask, I have a big office in my house she is going to live in , LOL !

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:shock: is fantastic, I'm a fan of the old series of Star Trek, I will follow this work very carefully. :cheers:

Thansk Arg0s! You say old series, do you know more than I do as there will be a new series? :bounce:

It is about time a new Star Trek series would pull the whole scifi genre outy of the hole its been dragged into!

With Firefly, Batllestar Galatica, Atlantis, Caprica and now also Stargate Universe cancelled, there's almost nothing left !!!!!

If this gets read by anyone there : COME ON SyFy CHANNEL !!!! Stop bugging us with 3 types of gosthunters and get some real scifi on air !!!!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest !

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