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USS EURISKO - Intrepid Mark II Class


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Here is another update.

Had a couple of bad weeks modding wize ...

All sorts of deliveries didnt show up when I had the time to work on them and once they came they send the wrong stuff. Very annoying and I am starting to worry about the coolermaster contest. especially now I have decided to rebuild the entire warp nacelle setup. but thats for later in this post. let start at the beginning ...

I spend several hours thrying to think my way out of the warp nacelle setup as I need to be able to get to the components inside to change out a tube or fix a leak.

So I made a plug to go over the front and back of the nacelle.


Had all sorts of idea's on how to be able to remove them and some people on the dutch forums were really creative with magnets and stuff. I decided on using velcro. Unfortunately I was only able to put really small strips of the stuff in the edges of the MDF. I ordered the heavy duty velcro and now when I remove the plug, I take the whole velcro with it. To much adhesive power is a bad thing here , LOL


Also the inside towards the nacelle needs to be nice so I made some ridges out of depron. I can't finalise the nacelles because I dont have the led/mircocontroller setup yet so I had to fix everything with tape ...


It all needs to be filled out with putty and sanded


You can start to see why I decided to redo the whole warp nacelles setup.

To fat, clunky, too high, relative size compared to main body, pointing inwards, just doesnt ring my perfectionist bell .


The front and back have been fitted with a plug, but I also have to be able to get to the fittings in the pylon for placing tyraps or tube clamps.


Solution was an MDF panel that is screwed in. Just have to make the detailling on the outside so i can reach them at all times. Challenges , challenges, challenges ...


Here is a picture of what I am planning to do. Get the res out of the casing and make a new hexagon side panel. This will reduce the courners making it more fluid and remove some fatness... (black is what it was, red what it will become.

Bottom picture is what I initially had in mind but a ellipsoid res is nowhere to be found.


Visio version of the design


The new nacelle compared to the old. The dif is huge !

and if its to small now compared to the main body, thats easily fixed with depron detailling


Nice big surface area for the light to come out of the nacelle, even when it is in warp configuration.


All the fittings are now within the MDF, this resolves a lot of tension the tubing was placcing on the XPS foam. It has got some extra room to fit the led lights now. Just have to think of another way to get to the fittings it once its finished. All good (time-consuming) Fun !!!


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Ok, Here is another weekend update.

Finally a good day after all the setbacks timewize.

Rebuilding the warp Nacelles (the other ones were just tryouts)


Thinner, sharper, more according to the designs, time well worth!


with the little coverpieces around the reservoirs its going to be good wiorking the depron.


And directly into the paint. probably not going to be able to see the backwall with the gigawatts in leds I am going to put it , lol


Also my plexiplate for the mdf baseplate finally arrived ! gonna saw it up tomorrow


Also was able to think my way out of the lcars fancontroller and designed the whole bottomsaucer depron work.


Finally a good day, hope to have one tomorrow also!



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Kim to the Captain ...

Janeway : Yes mr Kim

Kim : Good news from engineering mam, we are ready for a pressure test of the new warp nacelles.

Janeway : well then mr Kim, by all means go ahead !

Kim : Pressure test beginning in 5...





Mark ...


Janeway : Ehh I am no expert but shouldnt there be a glowing phenomenon coming from the nacelles ?

Kim : Let me try re-calibrating the Molex converter and adjust the PSU Output by bypassing all non-essential SATA stations ...

Janeway : I am waiting ..

Kim : AHHH ... Succes !!!


ASPHIAX : Please to report a two hour full leak test !

Pfew ...

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Here is a short update on the LCARS Fancontroller.

I have had to make compromises due to time stress. Will not be using different coulour leds in this version (ther will be a multicolour version somewhere in the future!!!) Also the on/off/reset buttons will not be implemented, but they will be present in the Lian-Li mediabay that will be fitted in the foot of the case.

Received the vinyl sticker from dennis from significs.nl. Works like a charm although I was fiddling around with it a bit as this was the first time i ever fitted a sticker like this.

Think it looks good !!!


My camera does not display the correct light ratio's between the fancontroller and the panel. the controller is easy readible "in real life". Colour is the same just a tad less bright.


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Hahaha very good ! a bit of humor never hurts ! Good build man !

Thansk man ! We need to joke somethimes about what we are doing right ! Its all relative !

Ps : following your build silently also! Cool piece of work!

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Update !

Yess ... More Goodies !!!



Special Depron paint, backplate for my GFX, Lian-Li Media bay for external connections, new sticker, red leds for the Bussard Collectors in the nacelles, warm air/solder tool, ledstrip for the canope lighting, and a lot of molex stuff ...

Gonna be busy this weekend!

iTS depron time !



Man that take up a lot of time. Spend roughly 8 hours designing and building the bottom saucer. Could have made my life easy by doing just simple surfaces with little to no design work to make sure I'll be ready for the voting of the CM Compo but that's not how a want to play this game!

With this closing piece I have spend at least 30 minutes alone, getting it just right by sanding to a fraction of a millimeter.


Found a temporary solution (well solution, the problem is a lot less visable) for the CCFL issue with the LCARS panel.

Why were the CCFL's so visable? Because the rest of the inside of the case does not reflect light! If it would do that the strong light from the CCFL's directly would become less. So I used the same ALU tape I used in the canope to make it more reflective.


Ahh success, only now the light is reflected so good that the ratio between panel and fancontroller is completely lost. I need to devise a way to be able to dim the CCFL's. Think I will use the fancontroller, just need to check if the wattage is ok for that!. So solved one problem , only to find the next.


Also build the mediabay into the footing of the case. This will be integrated into the standard at a later date. Gonna finish it off with depron tomorrow!




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Here is a short update!

Extremely expensive this plexi glas plate and now it looks like swiss chees (there's even more holes now)

First 2 are for the rad's, second is to replace the PSU (if needed) and the last is for the tubing towards the Pylons/Warp Nacelles


Also started work on the lasers. This is the 30mW green for the main deflector.




Pulled the coverplastic of the back of the plexi to get a better idea of the effect.



Did a boatload of other small and not very interesting but very much needed little jobs but I will not bore you with that.

Today a mandatory no-modding day as it is mothersday!



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