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USS EURISKO - Intrepid Mark II Class


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Great project, well deserved to be a winner. Unfortunatly, only one 1st place to give away. well done, my friend. :cheers:

Thansk mate , its more then I could have hoped for !

Congratulations :wav:

Thank you ! It's a real honour!

And thanks to all who votes for the EURISKO, posted and/or helped with idea's - remarks and comments !

And a very special thanks to coolermaster and the sponsors of this great competition , thansk for allowing us to show our modding madness!

Untill next year !

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Thanks man !

Ok, Here is the back from before - weekend update !

Some bad news :wallbash:

Yesterday I went or the last straw. I borrowed a friends pickup, loaded up the EURISKO and drove to a friend (very well versed in RC planes) to show him my troubles. After a couple of hours drawing, measuring and brainstorming we came to the conclusion that the initial design was the best and at the same time the only solution that would result in the pylons moving simultaniously and would fit within the very limited space available.

There is a space of 19x20x24 mm in which to place the servo's and create the fixation to transfer the force. It's just not enough.

The initial solution would work but the coolant in the tubing adds that much force that the small servo's wont cut it and I need bigger for which I dont have space. ARGHHHH !!!!


I have spent more than 50 hours working on this solution and its time I threw the tricorder in the ring.

(there is one solution left and that is to place a sping so the default action would be up and use bigger servo's that are connecte by a cable running through rings to the nacelles and that can be placed somewhere else in the ship. Sort of fly-by-wire type thing. This is not a big thing to install and can be done later)

Lets continue the Depron work




I did make life hard for myself with all them pretty round curves. Next time I will sculpt the foam more wisely so I wont have to bend every little piece with my wife's hairdryer.


Slowly but surely It's coming together now nicely. Then there's the next big challenge, painting !

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