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I should have known that Coolmiester was going to enter the CM contest, now he's gonna get all six of the price combos :( I'm not a big sucker for the best of the best hardware, but every time you're using it, it's just plain awesome ;)

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Cheers for the feedback guys :bounce:

I got my hands on three Lamptron FC6 Fan Controllers with a red LED display which should look much more in keeping to the rest of the mod rather than the blue/green.

I was hoping that they would drop straight in to the original bezel i made but not a chance so i’ll have to cut a new bezel and have it powder coated to match...............as if i haven't got enough to do!

Still on the lookout for GTX 580 or 590's



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Best Coolermaster build ever :)

Quite a statement L3p - i hope you're right, thanks very much and good luck with your awesome build :notworthy:

Just putting the finishing touches to the new bezel to hold the red Lamptron FC6 fan controllers and will have finished pictures up by the 15th :thumbup:





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