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00 InfiniTiS 00 - 2011 CM Case Mod Competition Entry


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Hey all, I will be modding an old Cooler Master 220b. I cant express how much I like this case. It was a high quality all aluminum case. It was hard to make that first cut, but cut I did. I hope you all like what it ends up like. It sure was nice before I cut it.

The 00 PLAN !

This case came with a side window. When I filled it with the goods and put the cover on and put it back in my desk I couldnt see all the cool stuff inside, so I put it on top of my desk off to the side. It was better, but I still coundnt see all that much in it and now I couldnt see, or get to the front of it to easy either. I thought it sure would be nice to have everything on one side, and be able to see everything very well. So my plan is to cut the case in half and put the front on the side and have everything on the same plain and have a clear veiw of everything inside. I will take the back half and flip it upside down so the power supply will be on the bottom so we can better see the motherboard and components. Flipping the backside upside down puts the motherboard tray on the wrong side also witch will have to be switched over and up. This computer will be built to be put on a desk top, not on the ground. It will also have a window on the side and the top for better veiwing.

IM also planning on having fully seperate cooling. It seams to me it would be better to have the processor, video card, and hard drives seperated as much as possible for what I think think will be better cooling. We will see with the thermometers if this is the way to go.

I will also be making this case very user friendly. The top-front window will be hinged for easy access to most of the inside components. The entire right side will also be hinged, and there will also be two rear doors.

I would like to thank Cooler Master for having this contest. It looks like there are a lot of really nice creations going on around here. Good luck to all. Hope to catch yall on the feild sometime.....DoG-TiS-

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I cant remember what year I put this rig together, but you can tell by the hardware its pretty old ---

Asus a7n8x Delux Mother Board

AMD TBred 2600+ 333fsb Processor Overclocked to 3000+

Vantec AeroFlow Copper Core with YS Tech Tip Magnetic Fan CPU Cooler

Corsair Extreme XMS 3200 platinum HS 512MB Memory

Leadtek A250 GF4 Ti 4600 128MB Video Card

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Autigy Gamer Sound Card

Western Digital Special Edition 80 GB 7200RPM 8MB cache Hard Drive

Western Digital 30 GB Hard Drive with Vantec dual fan Cooler

Enermax 431 Watt Dual Fan Adjustable Power Supply

Vantec Stealth 2 Out Antec Pro 2 In 80 mm Case Fans

Cooler Master CoolDrive3 hard drive cooler


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