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00 InfiniTiS 00 - 2011 CM Case Mod Competition Entry


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Here is the painted fan with the cone base epoxied in the exact center. While the epoxy is still wet,

Spin the fan by hand to tell if its centered


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Heres a better look at the cone with the ballpoint ends glued in place. On the right are the (antennae) made from bullet wire connectors.

On the left are small peicies of coat hanger thats glued in the bullet connectors to be inserted in the ballpoint ends. I wedeged the

connectors in with string, then cut the string to hide. I want the bullet connectors to be removable incase of damage, or to change the look.

I also have tooth picks painted white that when inserted look like little teeth, pretty cool looking, but not as cool as SPUTNIK antennae


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Here is my hard drive bay assembly. It consists of a totally inclosed unit. At its heart will sit two 150 gig 10,000 rpm VelociRators configured in raid 0.

These hard drives generate life shortening heat, so IM trying to cool them heavily on air. Massive 114L x 74W x 24H mm all copper heat sinks sit on

each drive. These sinks were designed for CPUs, but in my theory should cool these drives also. They will be assisted by 74mm tip magetic driving fans.

The fans are mounted on Lexan and the Lexan is butted up against the sinks. This drives the air through the sink fins and only the sink fins. After exiting

the fins, the air is directed under the drives via a curved peice of polycarbonate cooling the bottom of the drives also before exiting the rear of the case.

These fans are very powerful for their size and fairly loud at full RPM so they will be hooked up to the fan controller. Each drive will also have its own temp

gauge sitting on it to monitor the heat. This hard drive bay will be the jewel that sits at the bottom of the case. I sure do hope it works well. It took me

a long time to build it.


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The hard drive bay assembled.The sinks are held down with two wing nuts on a solid 1/4" aluminum backet. The walls and floor bolt directly

to the drives. The unit is held in place with one huge custom made wing nut that bolts to the bottom of the case. I was worried about bolting

it to the bottom of the case, but it is very easy. I dont have to tilt it much, and it is close to the front. Once the unit is flush with the back,

it slides over to the thumb screw backet and bolts into place very easy every time. When that one bolt tightens, the unit is very secure.


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