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00 InfiniTiS 00 - 2011 CM Case Mod Competition Entry


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Here is the heavily modified Mother board tray. The upper right hole will allow the 8pin power wire to pass though.

The back originaly housed one 80mm exhaust fan. After cutting this area, it is just big enough to stack two 80mm fans now.

The large hole in the middle was cut to gain access to the back of the mother board to ease mounting of the processor.

The round holes were cut for ventilation and center the rear 200mm fan. The angles will be mounted on the back and will channel wire around the

fan. I also made an extension that will be attached to the right front. This extension will allow the main power harness, sata,

power switch, and video card cables to pass though for an ultra clean look. My goal is to hide as many wires as possible.


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