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Battlefield 2: Vietnam, Case Mod Category.... FINISHED!!!!!!


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  • 2 weeks later...
The final pics are not clickable to see detail (higher resolution), something happened. You might think of not using thumbnails the next time, maybe 800 x 600 clickable to hd for those interested in something done for a more seamless viewing experience. No automatic resizing like in some forums.

Nice and tight carrying out of the BF theme, kudos! I thought the 2 sticks of dynamite inside were a BANG! And yes, the level is for the créme de la créme (awesome) for the most part with some gutsy guys showing of their wares too. Just one level as you know, so it is not the typical competition although anyone can enter. So best of luck! I too am "down under" (Mexico), well from the States, not waaayyy down under like you, hehe. Great job, mate!

Cheers and Saludos

Hey mate!, yeah i don;t know what has happened to the pics, i will have a crack at what has happened and try a re-upload to reset the bandwith....

Thanks for the positive comments, very much appreciated, as like most guys here this was a first crack at his, but now i have the bug and am starting to mod cases for my customers....

All the best!!


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