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PHINIX NANO TOWER - Scratch Build - 2011 Casemod Competition


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Kudos on a fine build, not wanting to compare but it strikes my fancy like another small build, the Mini-Me by Oliver which goes more or less in the same vein but totally different. I enjoy people cramming as much as they can into small pieces, not a lot of folks like it because it is not for the feint of heart, the all-thumbs modders or guys with big hands hehe. I too like to do the same just to separate the men from the boyz (kidding!)

Kudos too for trying to keep cnc (or laser cuts) to a minimum to not diminish craftsmanship which nowadays is sort of looked down at, "sooo old fashioned" they say. Dremels and tools are almost relics as a laser cut looks much better and tighter on specs. Absolutely true! But....if I see someone do it by hand and still look laser cut, he has my vote! Yeah sounds a little "bitter" cuz where I live there is plenty of sun and beaches but no cncs or laser cutters nearby, and they are really budget busting if you should contract the services. If you are not doing atleast a 1,000 identical pieces, you are so up the proverbial creek. To ask for 20 X 1" acrylic hexagons would get you laughed out around the block, hehe.

So the only thing I can do is admire complicated designs and file them for when I can get those services at a reasonable price (more competition). Just hope it's before I pass away. Great work and best of luck!

Cheers and Saludos

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Just can't believe that you are not winner :shock:

Thanks, yeah, things like that happen sometimes;) I guess I didn't have enough friends with emails :lol: My 100 against others almost 3000 gives a lot to think about :o

By the way, I like your scratch build - a lot of soldering going on there - I really love those soldered smd leds around USB socket, looks fantastic! Nice clean work, I know how much work takes when you use aluminium and cut it all in hands. Nice front panel finish.

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hello friend, beautiful work.

pity not stayed among the winners, it was not all spam the 1st teia not many votes as others and still did very well, and works as good as Kitson chan with many votes, only achievement award bonus.

I congratulate you on your work and would like to know more about the, what is your forum home?

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