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Watercooled NES PC - Scratch Build


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Great work! I agree with wolf, there is nothing like fiberglass to ensure not having future cracks. Working just the cut edges is sort of iffy whereas with fiberglass, you spread the workload to the whole surface. And yes, although you break the mold with respect to NES Object mods with WCing, unfortunately it is a well run through road. As a matter of fact, there is a faction that dictates that if you chop up the venerable case, it is well, not worthy of consideration (which to a point is very extreme). Of course if you did not hack the case and yet got the job done, they would be falling all over themselves, hehe.

Philosophys aside, congratz on a hot PC mod!

Cheers and Saludos

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Thanks alot!

Although I have yet to finish the build I will continue to update this thread with project updates until it is finished. And I agree some people won't like that I cut up a precious NES but they were all three broken and non working :P

I didn't get time to finish sadly and I didn't want to put myself in a situation were I either get it done now (half-butted) or I not worry about making the competition deadline and take my time and get everything done as best and neatly as possible.

So please keep checking in for updates because this build will get done fairly soon!!

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