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renew, reuse, recycle(scratch build) think tink! 2011 finish


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Okies I heard about this competition, and I figure I would enter with a scratch build with a dual arima F3000 system built out of a old sony projection tv (the plastic), but then my sister derailed those plans by wanting a computer built. So it became think, Tink! and while this case will say sony on the flip-side that's just because what I recycled, before it ended up in the landfill not to rot for 1000 years. This mod is not the most glamorous, project I am undertaking but it's the most environmentally conscious,

Material list, the back of a sony projection tv,

an acrylic picture frame old used a few little scratches I'll tell you how I'll deal with this later,

one 140mm fan filter (mesh aluminum) (less than five bucks)

1 little piece of the screen from the rear projection tv.

a bunch of fan screws (maybe worth 7 bucks total)

a 140 mm fan 2.50 plus shipping (but I bought 10 at once so that wasn't a big deal)

a few single use epoxy from the 99 cents store

1 contact cement also from there

and a bag of 6/32 x 1/2 machine screws. (1.29)

a few 3 mm screws(had em)

2 ccfl blue 12" as a single kit(less than 10 bucks)

1 can of flat black paint (but what ppl see will be glossy)

2 push switches (less than 3 bucks but I had em already)

and last but not least 1 transparent print cost about 9 bucks (printing fee was more than the transparency)

total cost $40 cash and endless hours of slaving away since march 15th

Will update with images tommorow. :D

So it's down to the wire as far as I can tell I got 30 minutes to finish the worklog.


here's the frame of the case I joined this together with epoxy and melting it was made out of the edges of the plastic.

melting alone will usually not work with plastic it will be unstable but with some epoxy to reenforce you can get a good bond.

out of this material I cut the side that says sony as you can see I needed alot of dremel work.


here's the front that I cut out of the plastic as well this is without the little tv like window, because I wanted to show a progression.


with the top of the case I decided against usin g the main material instead I used the rest of the picture frame, because I liked the glossy effect of painting the bottom of it. here's it in progress


What I did with this case was build the frame and then make the other pieces fit.

I had a few problems like this piece that ended up being the back it was warped I had to carefully heat and bend it till it would stay in place .


sad to say the one thing I don't like about this case is that the front does not photograph well seems like the material for the screen with the image affixed to the back (overhead projector foil does not come out backlit on photographs


ZWell I carved the names in the side that I used the picture frame for and I painted the edges from the back so it had a glossy effect with flat black also it covered the scrtches up nicely. and I carved suzanna & mario and a heart by my sisters request

here's the final result


I hope you enjoyed my recycling project I think it turned out nice

but everything was standard dremel work

PS just letting you know the coolermaster product is the heatsink on the cpu, with a mod like this without a top blow hole you need a good heatsink (Gemini II ) :)


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Kudos for recycling, a lot of other modders should learn from this. For the next time, you should try making something without a beginning case, and show folks how it is done. I'm all for "green" (recycling) and appreciate these types of works. Best of luck.

Cheers and Saludos

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well like I said all standard dremel and epoxy work and well I started completly from scratch the catch was that I didn't know about the competition till I alread Had glued and epoxied the frame together, which BTW was made out of the edges of the back of that bigscreen tv, like I said 95 to 98% recycled materials only thing that wasn't was the fan filter :D


PS if you like it please vote for me :D


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