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TItle : Annihilation SC2 inspired (Scratch Build)- Finished


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Ah great and exquisite mod. You use a technique similar to Maciel Barreto: clay, resins, silicons for molds, very advanced modeling abilities, etc. Kudos for mentioning who inspired you, a sign of a respectable modder paying homage to another modder, not a very common habit in Latin America for example. If you don't do so, it just invites comparisons and that is bad, specially if it were almost a copy, which this is not.

About the hardware, it is waaayyyy more advanced than what sunny and I used in the past contest (Hi bro' sunny!). Ours was compared to yours, almost junk, hehe, not really, only relics. The only other addition that might have been recommended is water cooling but that is another thing completely for most of us who don't have sponsors and do it for fun. Well sunny does it for $$$, but we all know you don't get rich doing so, haha, no big secret there, as we all know.

Best of luck in the judging and this time "popular vote" is a non-factor (30% vs. 100%) as the last time so pile them in, as they say. Congratz on a fine example of the Pinoy school. You can be proud of your work.

Cheers and Saludos

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Thank you so much Sir papang for giving such kind words. It inspires me more and would definitely build again PC Case mods that is out of ordinary using materials that is environment friendly too.

May the Good Lord Bless us more ^_^. Good luck Sir too.

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