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Congratz on one of the cleanest builds I have seen and with a sports theme, no less. I don't think you received a sponsorship from Nike although you might have re-defined the term "athlete". Modding is a sport is it not? Haha, maybe not, although I grunt and sweat (and curse sometimes) when I mod, but that is just me.

Kudos for your "Reventon" which reminds me somewhat of bro' Cham_e's version in the past contest and of course, it's inclusion in MDPC, quiet an honor! Sorry to not have commented earlier, but you understand that these type of mods can only be judged with the final product. Nothing revolutionary, just understated and cool which derives another set of values for mod appreciation. I take off my hat to yet another fine example of the Pinoy school and for a grand piece of art, craftsmanship and just plain good taste.

Cheers and Saludos

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