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Congrats Master Paul! A great pride to your country and your mods. I hope it continues until you reach a ripe age like me, hehe.

Did I tell you that you could earn a living as a model? Joking but you are way more "photogenic" than the 3 countrymen of the last contest...and did I mention so young? However, you are one of the quietest and most modest modders from the Pinoy school. You really should work on that but that is just me. SunnyXtremist and Cham_e_lyon were my brothers in chats, comments and jokes in the last contest. I know that if I met them, we could talk and laugh for DAYS, even with our bad English. We still drop lines every once in a while just to keep in touch. They are not only great modders but great persons, something that is not easily forgotten.

You are now a proud representative so you should polish up your PR (public relations) and open up more to let us know your humor, thoughts and ideas....again just my thinking bubbling. Winning is not exactly everything in mods and not everyone is a modding machine as some of your compatriots have been saying. Let the world know different...again my opinion. I too have an agenda for modding in my part of the world.

Good to know I can still see a deserving mod on first impression.

Cheers and Saludos

Papang, hehe thank you so much for the compliments and advice. I try as much as possible to be careful when I'm in a different forum. :) But don't worry I'll keep that in mind. :) Take care! :)

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