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The G2 Project


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Late but hopefully not to late

Here is my Scratchbuild project Called G26T

The Idea of building a Robot started out a long time ago, when is was about 16 for years. I've been crazy about robots all my life, especialy those that can be found in the attraction ''Star Tours'' in several Disney Parks. In this attraction are 2 G2 Robots called, G24T and G29T. For years I wanted to build a robot that would match my idea of a robot, combined with the apearence of the G2 Robot's. That was to become G26T. But before I was able to build it, I lacked the proper Idea of a build. I put the idea of building one beside me. Years went by, thinking of G26T from time to time.

Until I went to a robot event in Amsterdam the Netherlands in July 2009. I saw several hundreds of robot builds, and attempted builds, and that inspired me to look at G26T again. A old frame work I build in 2003 was still hanging arround in my work shop, litterly collecting dust and take up space. For years I thought of throwing it away, but for some reason I did not do that. The robot event was the spark that ignited my, Imagination to actualy build G26T from scratch, but would include the frame I build a long time ago, also made from scratch.

In Oktober 2009 I started building G26T, months went by and G26T got heavier and heavier, but also more interesting and more impressive. On February 2010 I finished the raw work on G26T and the fine work could begin. That '' finetuning '' included putting in a computer, adding a screen and several other screens, adding electronics gadgeds and gizmo's that actualy work, and the crown om G26T's creation, a modded MP3 Player connected to an amplifier with is all '' Onboard '' that yell's out '' Stop Touching me '' if you were to touch G26T on purpose or accident.

The project was completed in January 2011. Although I still find something to do on it every time i walk by G26T. It is currently standing in the local charity shop, where I work and where I got my scrap and junk from. People who visit the charity shop are impressed by the project, most of them, exepcialy kids drop by and talk to it, and of course touching it.

In May 2010 I contacted the people who organized the robot event a year earlier, and told them of my creation. I send them some pictures and there where impressed as well. they were to organize the Robocup 2010 that month, and asked me if I would like to come with G26T and display it to the public. G26T began his life on the day that I was inspired and eventualy returned almost completed a year later. The Robocup 2011 event this year will also include G26T on display to the Public. People that saw G26T last year actualy asked if G26T would be there this year.

Here are some video's of G26T

and for pictures of G26T please visit




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The Story for G26T

The G2 Project

The G2 Project is a creation made from different kinds of old and discarded electronic hardware, such as Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Electronic Typewriters, Computers and more. The Official name for this creation is, G26T, however the builders of this project call it '' The G2 Project '' G26T is a Look-A-Like robot, inspired by the droid room in Startours, and Startours is one of the best known attractions in Disneyland Resort Paris. The owner of G26T is known for his enthusiasm for the G2 droids in Startours, and has tried several times to create a G2 droid. As you might have noticed, G26T is in a bad shape. Its computers are unable to restart, one of its claws has been ripped off, he is standing still and can't move an inch. This small introduction is the start of the story, behind G26T's life. The story of which goes like this:

G26T is in service of a starship, in a far away universe. On one of its voyages, the starship finds itself in the middle of a huge plasmastorm its shieldgenerators are not functioning and all of the 4 hyperdrive engines are failing. Without its shields the starship will be completely destroyed. The G2 droids aboard the starship, mostly 4, are meant to make repairs in case of emergencies. Because the starship is in de middle of this plasmastorm the G2 droids are commanded to make repairs to the shieldgenerators, so that the ship won't be destroyed. The G2's are doing everything they can, as fast as possible. But the plasmastorm has such a magnitude of strength, that 3 of the 4 G2 droids lose their life. Even they are not capable of surviving a storm like this one. But G26T is one tough droid. In his battle to the storm, he almost gives his life, but he succeeds in repairing the shieldgenerators, and has even repaired one of the 4 hyperdrive engines. The starship leaves the storm as fast as possible. But G26T is very badly damaged, the plasmastorm has completely destroyed its primary and secondary computers, one of its claws has been ripped apart, and many optical nerves are severed. Only non critical systems are partially functional, and the only thing working properly, is its own self diagnostic service, that is only able to tell him that G26T needs repairs as soon as possible. G26T has become very grumpy after his ordeal with this storm, he does not like to be touched. If that does happen he yell's out loud '' stop touching me '' You would be grumpy to, if your computers where failing one of your claws is ripped off right? Can you imagine how G26T feels? After the starship has escaped its fate of the plasmastorm, they dropped G26T on our planet, in order to have him repaired. But G26T has enough of the starship life. He does not want to work aboard a starship anymore, he has found a nice spot at Wawollie Kringloop, and likes to stay here, he just likes where he is right now.

Building G2 has taken a long time and many failures, like a welding machine that broke down, several electronics that failed to function, computers that seized up and where unrepaireble and many other kinds of things. The G2 Project started on 1 October 2009, and was completed on 25 February 2010. Since then G26T can been seen as an attraction at Wawollie Kringloop, In the past period, the builders put over 500 hours of work into this project. The owner of The G2 Project was helped by a very special person, that made u huge contribution in building the G2 Project, such as the heavily modded MP3 player, that in combination with a self made Kinetic sensor is able to play the sound file '' Stop Touching Me '' but also for many other things.


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Yikes a naked Wall-E! Kidding, but you do remind me of a fellow colleague, Milo, who is into combat-bots and whose team is apparently highly ranked world-wide (??). He joined our modding forum inorder to make the bots more "aesthetic" to which someone answered "What for? After combat elimination, they look like scrap metal anyway!", haha.

Well, for what it is worth, we are giving him a hand even if the finish will be ruined with the first clash. Anyways, he is on to something, mods DO look better with movement, and if they can make and serve a good latte, better yet! Seriously, milo understands me but maybe not you, modding will benefit greatly from a new frontier: incorporating robotics and movement to an already great mod. Mark my words (I hope), so kudos!

Your bots, in a case mod contest, would be greatly enhanced if they had some type of "case" or body.

Best of luck in the future! Your log does not look finished or I would be seeing the final pics.

Cheers and Saludos

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