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  1. First project this 2021https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t58/1/16/1f929.png
  2. Final photos The theme for this mod is inspired by the Mantis Blades in the Cyberpunk 2077 to create the elements of the mod. I want to express the concept of ‘Deconstruction’. I want to show the Mantis Blades being at the repair station. All hardware of my mod is placed on the on the repair station to mimic the repair parts. The overall style will appear as what it should be in the game. This time the materials used are 3D printing combined with metal CNC and did a lot of research to find many of the parts, including military aviation conne
  3. Detail Upper details of the power supply, EL cold light strip holder. Because of the shooting time, there is no way to display it in videos and photos.
  4. Test assembly completed The progress is 90% completed, all cables are tested, and the final detail processing stage begins.
  5. Cable Use aviation connectors for cable work, and want to express that the power of the work components is plugged into the maintenance table. Test some lighting effects. Power shield PCB board.
  6. Detail 90% of the processing progress of the aging effect, leaving the final overall washing stains. There is also the final stage of the detail degradation effect. The cable is almost complete!
  7. Detail Some old details update. Mantis Blades and GPU are connected in series with hoses to create a concept that the machine is connecting the arm signal.
  8. Detail The first layer does the old processing work. After another detailed work is needed, the overall degradation effect can be processed. Water sticker work. Start welding aviation joints.
  9. Test assembly Test component installation. There are still a lot of details, aging and cables to work!
  10. Test EL cold light strip I really like the effect!
  11. Deconstruction table Perform detailed 3D drawing, which will include CNC, lathe, and laser cutting processing. The design progress is 100% completed,contains nearly 200 components!
  12. Detail Refer to some patterns on Mantis Blades, use UV printing and laser engraving to restore the sense of reality. Designed some fonts suitable for the theme.
  13. Damage The scratch effect of the substrate is completed, and then start to make the details, and finally the overall old surface treatment. The primer spraying on the cover of the repair table is completed, and then the top coat is sprayed and the old effe
  14. Component CNC 20mm acrylic double-sided processing, 3 stacked decorative props. Light guide plate. Fan exhaust cover. Control box aluminum base plate. 1.5mm aluminum plate, grooved and bent.
  15. painting These blood vessel paintings took a day hahaha...
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