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  1. Update the pictures. CPU : INTEL 1151 CORE I5-9400F MB : ASROCK H310CM-HDV GPU:Msi gtx1060 6g Ram : 16 GB SSD : Hikvision HS-SSD-C100/240G FAN : CM HYPER D92 Dual Fan CPU Cooler Master
  2. สวยงามครับ เสร็จอย่างไว beautiful
  3. Because of this project I had already started doing it a month ago before signing up, I didn't have a lot of details to get started. But in the future, I will keep a picture for you to see.
  4. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1nDEVo Inspired by the work of 哲 旭 金 3D Artist
  5. Hello everyone I signed in for the first year A project to do with games that everyone should have played. I'll do my best. Yuri MCV Project
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