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  1. i'm sorry i didn't take many in progress pictures, this was an insanely challenging task for me to complete but i think for my first hard-line watertubing build i did okay. :^)
  2. sorry i've been absent, it was an absolute nightmare trying to work with a local 3d printer to try and get the back panel right. ended up having to last minute order from Protolabs but I WANTED TO GET THIS DONE DAMNIT!
  3. Still wrestling with getting the back panel correct, but look at how amazing these primochill fittings look!
  4. I'll have more pics up soon! Trying to get the final back panel together with the correct dimensions to make everything fit. I will be uploading the final .stl file as soon as I think it's in a usable state for people to mod themselves in the future!
  5. More updates with more stuff! How much can you really pack into a NR200? Who cares, as long as it fits! Had to update the back panel to another prototype. Still some measurements that need to be tweaked and the final version definitely can't be printed I'm learning.🥲
  6. Prototype printed! Just need to pick it up and see if all my measurements are correct.
  7. New back panel modeled out, had to drop the motherboard panel down 5mm to accommodate a top radiator and reconfigured where the vertical GPU mount is allowing more exposure of the CPU waterblock.
  8. Here we gooooooo. I have a lot of plans for this case, but I want the pictures of the build process to do all the talking. :^) Plans right now are full loop water-cooling with a custom back panel to move some component mounts around. Specs so far: Ryzen 5 5600x G.Skill Trident Z 3600 CL16 16GB Gigabyte Aorus B550i Intel 665p 1TB NVMe SSD Corsair Hydro X Series XC7 Waterblock
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