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  1. Now i wait for small things....
  2. my lanparty case, from 2k.. my lanparty case, from 2k3..
  3. The config of what I drive is not significant… The water cooling is from the middle of 199x. When there was no factory solution. So completely unique, every element. For the sake of not replacing it, it is efficient, it was designed for that 400W. There are not many wearing parts in it. I had to fix the blocks. The current state, even plan, I hate to draw, there will be plenty of modification. The picture also shows the design was not necessarily done on paper .. Which is a challenge, I don’t have too much space. 17x32 cm must be accessible, with water, everyt
  4. The monitor console is being prepared.
  5. The seat was put in place and the config was signed, which I will write about a little later.
  6. The frame structure is first. I designed small cabinets on the side, but that changed…
  7. Comfortable car seat at home. Don't take up a lot of space. No desk, so monitor, mouse, steering wheel interface required. It can fit the config. Low budget. No brand (then if they pay for it)
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