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  1. Congratulations to the winners !!! Thanks for telling me where I can know my score. thank you. Regards EvilPT Project Pipeline V2 "PV2"
  2. Thanks Andre, The problem continues, every photo I have is around 400kb.
  3. Hi CM I'm having the same problem here. Allways a error in the form. I sent the final submission to email (mod@coolermaster.com.tw) yesterday, I am waiting for confirmation from CM TEAM to see if they have received my final submission to the CMWS 2017. I already sent several emails and also sent by wetransfers and did not receive any confirmation. Thank you for informing me if everything is okay with the Final Submission. Paulo Reis aka EVILPT
  4. I hope the competition will be quite fun, with many mods!!

  5. Good luck to everyone!!! Regards from PORTUGAL Ps: I'll try to get some material to enter too.
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