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winners announced :D


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Cooler Master


Tower Mod

1st place: Titanium PC by Paul Tan

2nd place:

*ATCS 840 PoLoMoD by PoLoMoD

*Coolermaster Cosmos II MbK by kier

3rd place:

*CM Test Bench V2 by Ace_finland

*Starscr3am by tantric

*Ducati Trooper by Raiden73

Scratch Mod

1st place: Opprezzor: Annihilation Squad by masbuskado

2nd place:

*Self-evolution by Kitson Chan

*RAZOR by kharr

3rd place:

*Dreadclaw by Soul-i-Doll

*The Black Sphere V2 by Scynd

*The Next Level by Paslis

Cooler Mod

1st place: Abstract Cooler by Alex "AnG3L" Ftoulis

2nd place: SKULLER N620 by CDO

Thanks to all modders who entered and everybody who voted.

See you next year. came

from cooler master facebook


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Congratulations to the winners :cheers:

Two things I would like to know before the world ends:

-It was announced 2x 2nd places and 3x 3rd places, I see only one of each?

-Can we know the full list results (with detailed scores)?

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Congratulations to all of the winners.

Many things happend in this contest, things that I don't want to discuss...

I am just sorry to see soo many awesome scratch builds which are much more complicated, harder to build and requires much more skills but left in the shadows.



Cooler Master did great by announcing that they will fix their mistake and will add 3 more winners for Tower and Scratch build categories.

Great decision !

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