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Project Log : Fall Of Schwarz/The White Hölle


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Morons sent me the old version instead of the new black acrylic one i wanted.



And a lot of hoot as well!





Since I'm waiting for my reservoir and backplate plus other hoot I shall share my latest mod for this project log.

I have a Pulse-R so why would I waste not customizing the look of it! I might paint the top of the headband matte black though.














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Bought some pretty important things

Now I just ordered the 220mm black translucent res from another shop ... 




Epic win.

Placed the x5650 on my socket and BOOM it's not passing post.

I took it out and found a scratch at a corner >.> the store scratched it not me because it was on a tray

Back on my L5639 it's running fine.




Changed the LEMs (Light emitting module) for a strip and relegated 3 of the modules to the front panel 





I should go fix the gaps in the 5-1/4" bay covers ... But anyway you can see how badly scratched up the window is. This was out of the box. 

So I'm waiting for the side panel now by the time it arrives the Enthoo Pro should be in the stores with adjusted pricing.

As well as the Mini XL and Luxe most likely.


Dropped the Sentry 3 from the build due to how bad it is. Replacing mobo with P6X58-E WS middle of this month.

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