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"CranBerry" CM 690 II Mod


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Ups guys! I just forgot to mention that i have written an article about my modification in biggest Slovenian magazine called RaÄunalniÅ¡ke novice.




Translation for ''non-slovenians''  :D


Modification of a computer is an extremely wide concept among fans of computer enthusiasts . But mine computer is a real argument that computer modification does not only mean installing LED fans, extreme graphic cards, processors and requires much more passion and joy in the work which are the key for us all to achieve our imaginative ideas.The first time I assembled the computer completely alone was when I had 12 years - now I have 17 years, after some time modding became so dear to me that now it's my new favorite hobby. Today, however, if you are like me, journey through computer forums around the world are my daily routine, and the reason for a lot of sleepless nights. It all starts with a little idea, just like that day when I was reading automotive forums stumbled upon a trend called "sticker bombing", the heart of my modification. And from a small idea, then several weeks choosing between a choice of colors. After two months of building my computer, Cranberry CM 690 II, was finnaly finished. With anything but breathtaking components: processor Intel Core i5 4570, motherboard Biostar Hi-Fi Z87X, 16GB RAM, SSD memory Samsung 840 and the LEPA B 800 power supply. Most cooling system components comes from Slovenian company EKWB. The project was started when I took apart my existing computer and "naked body" painted with white. Then from a thin aluminuim I made two covers, one took place as a PSU shroud and the other one has found place hiding optical drives cage. I replaced the video card with Radeon 280X, installed it a full water block, "backplate" was equipped with sticker bomb stickers and graphics processor "overclocked" to 1200MHz. In order to install 3/4 liter reservoir EK-RES X2 , I cut a large piece of steel. EKWB XT 120mm was also painted to a body color. Most of the time I spent on "dressing" serial power cables in white Sleeving, which I also did the first time. A whole series of modifications, however, does not end here either. I made a tile, which proudly holds the name of my project, "CranBerry". It is made of a plexi glass with glued carbon sticker, and ofcourse, name of my project. Even cooling was dressed in the style of a complete modification, so let's say the hose from the tank to the pump flows through the PSU shroud from it in the graphics. So everything has its purpose, like a pretty big MagiCool Slim 360mm radiator with a central task off heat to the surroundings. It is not just a show of muscle or what money can buy, says the fact that I keep most of the components of a pre-existing computer and most of my savings invested in "modification". This was my first project where I showed my skills. But I hope that with time I will show more of my projects, maybe even wrote an article about how my hobby turned into a business.

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