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blackNred Wall mount by GamerzNation


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About me :

Vinay Agrawal from India 

I build rigs and Workstations for people with name of GamerzNation

you can visit me at https://www.facebook.com/Gamerznationpune/

this build is for watching movies and playing mid level games on TV in the living room!!



This is my try to build a wall mount machine using the folliwing components

asus h97-pro


corsair vengeance

GTX 650

this build focuses on looks than performance its a light weight machine to add Next gen look to the living room next to the TV.


stay tuned!!

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This was my project for a wallmount which will be used for watching movies and playing
light games.Basic theme is Black and Red for this wallmount
1. Wood plank with thickness more than 5mm.(not heavy just enough to hold weights)
2. Acrylic sheets with thickness 3mm or 4mm(not more than 5mm)
3. Basic tools(drilling machine,sandpaper,screwdriver, etc)
4. Soldering gun
5. Led strips
6. Glass holders
7. Carbon fibre vinyl
8. Screws, nut bolts etc .
Components used:
Asus h97 pro
Galaxy Nvidia GTX650 1GB
1TB seagate barracuda
Xpro Bulldozer 500w
Day 1:
Marking were done on the plank using pencil.every cutout has to be precise for
good wire management.
Use components and mark their outline leaving 1 cm margin.Consider all the wires
going in and out for marking the holes .
Make holes in the centre of each components to make a way for led light .
Cutting were done by borrowing wood cutter from power tools store.
Placing every component and checking whether the cutting are perfect or not.
Seems perfect no need of extended sleeves for motherboard power and 8 pin cable.
Measure components outline and make a acrylic sheets for it.
Cutting can be done using fine hand saw or dremel.


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more progress :

DAY 4:

acrylic sheets edge is polished for 45 degree angle for reflecting light



this supporters are used for holding the acrylic panel at place for graphics card support


power button made using screw cover and power switch




 DAY 5:

putting every thing on place.L brackets are used for holding PSU



essentials painted black


DAY 6:

carbon fiber vinyl applied ,sheets are drilled in middle for LED light placement to allow light to enter acrylic 


testing sheets look after vinyl



wall mount without led lights 


DAY 7:

wall mount with led lights at back installed


gallery_105681_147_293982.jpgDay 8:

Led light on the edges


DAY 9:

after finishing and minor details 


thank you guys for taking a look





wallmount at night




thank you guys for stepping by:D

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