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The painting has started the base color is down.  And it's very RED!




Still work in progress but starting to look like something now.



Started on the airbrushing quite a bit still to do will update again soon. :)




One last photo of the back of the case, no more updates now till its done .

Not long now :)



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I just can not help my self I just have to share it, here is a new photo :)




One more close up photo, The gear and the skull are done with a sharpie permanent marker doing many many dots. The red, dark red and black have been masked off and painted in layers. :)




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12 hours ago, Sphinx818 said:

What you have done, is art. Beautiful work, I love the piping, and the creative elements that you have used.


Isn't the MasterCase such a dream to work with hey? :grin:

Thank you very much Sphinx818. :)   And yes it is a grate case to work with. :grin:

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16 hours ago, Oz Modz said:

I love your builds! I'm so privileged not only can I see your mods But I get to on occasions work along side you and call you my friend! Mod on brother! Love it!  

Cheers Stephen, Will have to catch up again one day soon. :)

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