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Craig Tate

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Thank you Zen!


Did some more work tonight to get the top rad in place

The top had a dimensional limit of just above the existing 80mm fan hole, as just past that is where the top PSU mount is located.So I have to locate and cut the radiator frame from the top, so my template needs to be as accurate as possible.




Let the cutting begin!



Fleshed out:



roughhhing in the rad mount holes:



Now, on the back side of the top were threaded standoffs that were used to screw in the mesh work that covered the fan. They are steel, threaded standoffs, embedded into the aluminium. 




Had to cut those off and mill those down to make sure the fan/rad installation would be flush and proper... whichever way I mount it (I have options that I am working through in my head). Pic below is of the standoffs cut off and ground down. 



Thats all I have for tonight folks. 


Everybody stay safe, and MOD ON!!!! 




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I really love to see people modding old cases using common tools and not CNC!! Perfecting the imperfection of what you have made with your own hands and seeing the result is the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction for a modder!! Mod on dude!! I want to see the whole process and how it turns out!! Keep it up and impress us!!

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SotosLG, thank you for that. I hope to make most, if not all of this, a hand build/created machine. 

I have an X-Carve and it is difficult to not use it! ;)

My planning continues, but I needed to check and confirm my fans were going to work, and their lighting effects were functional. 

Video confirmed! 



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Well hello there everyone! Been working out the particulars on the powersupply mod for this, so I guess this is a mod within a mod... OOOOooooOOooOoooo... 


So, I pulled the PSU out of the frame housing. If you have ever wondered,,, here is what a 750 watt fully modular power supply from EVGA looks like nekkid! 



Looking at the cable connection end, uncovered:



This is the protector mat under the PCB, my guess is it is an electrical insulator to insure the solder points don't ground out. 



Comes out nice and easy, 



Here is the bare steel PSU chassis base, with the power switch and 120v wall jack input. Green/Yellow cable is a grounding line that attaches to the PSU housing:



Closeup of the switch/grounding PCB, and the lines that lead to the PCB, as well as the afore mentioned housing ground:



So, what I have to do with this bent aluminium frame, is make the base hole that the PSU would sit *on*... I need to make that hole big enough for it to fit *through*. I have to sink the unit about 1/2 of an inch to get the modular plugs at the right height, facing out the back of the case, into the area behind and under the motherboard. For me to sink this PSU, I have to remove enough material and enlarge this hole enough for the PSU to fit, but not fall through. So, what I am doing here is placing one of the housing plates into the space, orienting it, and then using a marker to mark the aluminium that I will need to remove:




And after the initial markup, I have some surgical shaving of the sides and about an 1/8 of an inch to remove from the side opposite of the modular plugs: 




So I got to work, and I realized I was nailing my measurements when I hit the dimension to allow the steel through the hole, but not the sticker!!! As I was test fitting the PSU, I Had a bit of a high spot on one side that was taking the sticker off. I found that pleasing! ;)



After I finally got the hole bored out to the proper dimensions, the PSU fit like a glove. If I sink the unit about 1/2 inch, the ports line up perfectly. 



No, it's not staying like this... this was just me taking a picture to show that the PSU has a lot of adjustability, if I need it (which I don't)



This shot shows the power supply sunk at about a hlaf an inch, and you will note that all of the modular plug ports will be easily accessible. If I want to, I will have about an 1/8 of an inch of adjustability to get the power supply to *jusssst* the right height.





Next steps will be to move the exhaust mesh/wall jack/power switch to the correct side and build out any steel bracketwork that may be needed to make this look sharp. 


As always, good luck everyone and MOD ON!!!!!


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I've made some fun progress that I look forward to sharing with everyone! It will be about an hour or so before I get the pics and vids uploaded!!!! 


Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Some good mods out here. :)


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So today, yesterday, and Friday, were spent trying to fix my CNC table, and get it working to see if I can create something smoooooth for this mod. 



What might this be? Well.... I alluded to it with another modder earlier in the thread. I'm making a custom front bezel, and right now, I'm dialing in the settings and design elements, using wood. Once I have everything set and the CNC is properly calibrated and working properly, then I will break out the sheet aluminium and go to town! 




I want it to maintain the classic, clean front, but still look like it came from the factory this way. 

Once I have all of the elements working and carving in the wood.... time to bring on the aluminium!!!


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Well... crap. Fought the good fight on the Coolermaster 2017 mod off, but just too many obstacles to overcome! I had good momentum through March, but April proved my undoing... I'm still going to finish the mod, as it is too nice not to! Additionally, I would like to thank EVGA for their donation of the two G3 Power supplies (SO glad you sent two, as I did end up needing both!)
EVGA products are exceptional, and incredible product. I look forward to finishing this mod with the quality fit and finish it deserves, and showing off what I believe to be a first of its kind power supply mod centering around the EVGA Supernova G3 fully modular power supply. Be on the look out folks, the Sleeper is going to be a beautiful machine when complete!


I would also like to finish by thanking Coolermaster  for putting this competition on. It was where I got my start, it was what put me "on the map" so to speak... and watching year after year, how Coolermaster continues to run and evolve the contest, is truly inspiring! 

I leave you all now with the most current status pictures of the build:



PSU bay area properly configured and constructed to allow for the redirection of the cables. 



Front rad installed, card installed, no tubing



Working on the hard lines


Much love to all. I think what I have setup for the outside will be a bitchen contrast to this clean/shiny internal compartment. Those are still in  the garage "cooking"... ;)
Good luck everyone! 


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