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Tron mod's  1.0, 2.0 and Mini tron.
Black MasterCase5 mod is the Main mod this log refers too, but the other two mods was also done during the same time.

Hi all,


I'm very happy to be doing this MOD, Its something I have dabbled with in the past but not on a big scale.
My very first PC MOD, around 2003, was inspired by the original TRON movie, I loved the movie as a kid, 
and with the help of some other movies like Blade runner and the Terminator, I was hocked on futuristic tech and sci-fi.

Here is the 1st MOD to give you a good idea how the EL wire will look.



I couldn't decide if to paint it all gloss black or white, so I'm going to paint the inside white and the outside black.
I think it will look cool but should I be wrong I might do a last minuet change to the white interior and go with all black.
The paintwork is going to be the hardest part of the build, along with some airbrush work I also want a perfect mirror finish black on the
The lighting is going to be a nice blue and I've also got some white,blue and UV dyes to play with for the cooling.

As always, please do let me know your thoughts as I progress.



Case: Cooler Master, MasterCase Maker5
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster ZXR
Storage: Crucial, MX300 750GB SSD
RAM: Crucial, 32GB kit, DDR4-3000
PSU: Cooler Master, MasterWatt Maker 1200

GPU: Nvidia gtx1080 Founders edition 
Motherboard: Gigabyte x99 ultra gaming

RAD's: EK, Coolstream SE 240 and Coolstream PE 360.
Pump: EK, XTOP Revo D5 PWM 
GPU Block: EK-FC1080 GTX 
CPU Block: EK, Supremacy EVO
RES: EK-RES X3 250
EK Hard Tube, compression Fittings and dyes.

EL Panel and Tape kindly provided the EL lighting for the project.
Extensions & Splitters 
EL tape's
EL wire












Video, just a short one.












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The MasterCase 5's I have, One is the Pro and the other is the normal Master 5.


CoolerMaster have sent me some other accessories so I can transform the Pro in to a MasterCase Maker 5.




I will add a link to the video I did showing some differences between them and some of the accessories.
















MasterWatt Maker 1200, The biggest and most powerful PSU I've had to date.


This will easily power my setup and be ready for when I go SLI.














The PSU also comes with this Bluetooth adapter so you can monitor and change setting via the smartphone app.










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For the sound I have a Creative Sound Blaster ZXR. 


Although this looks great, along with some other components it's going to need some white paint. 




I need to get the painting done asap, especially the gloss black so it's nice and cured before the 27th of this month, If completed in time the case will be going to the NEC for the i58 show.




For the lighting I will be mainly using EL, its very effective and a must for any tron mod :)

I have Tape, Wire, Splitters and Drivers.


They should all run fine via the 12V PSU lane, during testing I'm using battery packs to make thing easier.










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For the storage I will be using a Crucial, MX300 750GB SSD
RAM Crucial, 32GB kit, DDR4-3000, This along with the SSD will be painted white.


Now for the watercooling, I ordered the white versions when possible to reduce the amount of painting needed.
EK, GTX1080 Water Block, I don't have the 1080 yet so unable to show it fitted for now :(
I have some EK, Pastel white and blue, along with some UV blue. plan is to have a mix with all 3 and try get a nice shade to match the build.
Vid showing them all unboxed:


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 X99 Ultra, cant wait to get this up and running, the lighting on it looks great!

Some parts are already white on the board but the red will need covering or re-painting.

I'm only waiting on the GPU now, until it arrives I will just keep working on the case, I'm also doing some 
unboxings for the Tube, have lots of appointments, the i58 at the end of the month and my Birthday on the 16th, 
so this is going to be a busy month.
Most of you will have seen one, if not all of the Mastercase range, fantastic cases and almost perfect for 1st time modders
and the pros.
Very solid build when compared to some of the older cases, its taken a bit more effort to make cuts in the frame for some 
wires to feed though.



This is a Pro case that I have changed in to a Master Maker case via some accessories, new front and top cover, new control bay
at the top and I have a clear side (plexi), and this shown in the photos, Glass.
The glass looks best I think, however it has a slight tint to it. 
Should it make things look a bit of when completed then I will go back to the standard side panel.
I think It should be fine though, but we wont know until almost the end :)
This is how it looks with all the removable parts take of, apart from the back covers.
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All the edges that you can see on the case and this front cover will need to have cuts made for the


EL wire to fit in about half way for a more clean look. 










The sound proofing was quite easy to remove from the back of the front cover.














When the proofing was removed it reveals some holes that you can stick a screwdriver in to remove the case badge.






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For the EL wire to sit nice I started of cutting the groves freehand, might be a faster and better way to do this
but with only a couple of slips repaired with some filler, it worked out ok in the end :)
I wanted to do a Tron disc in the center of the case and in doing so will allow for me to make a nice new
hole in the center of the disc to allow for a bit more air to get in and add to the overall look of the case.
Not the best hole I've ever made, just needed a quick sanding down.
This is to show you all where I plan to have the disc, if all goes to plan I will be airbrushing around the disc and blending in to the front of the case.
The top, sides and front have all had the groove treatment, took some time but worth it :)
You will also see that all the parts have been sanded down ready for primer.
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2nd coat of primer done, forgot to mention that. so add another 24hrs :(












As the case was in the 24hrs stage I moved on to the components, SSD, RAM and sound card.


Forgot to upload the sound card photos so I will add them when I next update the log.


















1st coat of white plastic-dip.










The covers are now painted white, not sure if I will be adding gloss to the inside, I will see how it looks later in the build before deciding. 








1st coat of black has been done, I now need to get them all sanded down and add a 2nd coat.




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It's been a bad couple of weeks :(
Contracted Sepsis last week so was taken in to hospital, just in time they said.
I was really looking forward to maybe getting this build done in time for i58, but the chances are very low now, 
I'm also still awaiting the GPU so that will hold me back.
The setbacks are not all bad though, this means I can spend a bit more time on the build and try something
that I was not going to attempt if the build was defiantly on track for completion in time for the show.
Had done some more paint work before my trip to hospital so I will upload them photos for you in the next update
along with some work I did yesterday.
I've also setup the components I have to check there all working as intended, so I'm happy to report the CPU, DDR, MB, 
PSU and water pump are all running fine.
The MB looks beautiful!
But the red will need to go and I plan to make a cover/covers for the MB.
I did get myself some white plexi, however I think I will now be using clear so the LEDs on the MB can still be seen,
if I paint most of the cover white and leave the parts covering the LEDs clear it should workout fine.
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