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ShadowS - project


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Hello company, we just finished the AXE-R and the OdySSey project, and now we are starting a new adventure.
I am presenting you the project "ShadowS", and in advance I would like to thank MSI, Cooler Master and EKWB for the assistance they provided (I also await the response of another company to participate)! The project will be made by the following hardware:
MSI Z370 Gaming PRO Carbon AC
MSI GTX 1080ti Lightning
Intel i5 8400 (bought, I'm waiting for it to arrive)
RAM (I'm waiting for the company's response)
SSD (I'm waiting for the company's response)
Cooler Master Q300P
Cooler Master V750
Cooler Master Masterfan PRO 140 AP RGB
EKWB all components for watercooling
-Ek-xres 100 DD C3.2
-Ek-fb MSI Monoblock RGB
-Ek-CooleStream SE280
-Ek- fitings etc.
The idea is the project itself to make a small, but very powerful and customized machine. It will be challenging to place such a large and numerous hardware in a little q300p casing! I love the challenges and I hope that you will enjoy the creation of such a project :)
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