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Project Delos - By DanUK


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Hi All,


This is my WestWorld themed project for the competition. I will be using the Following Components (Will Update as I go):-

  • CoolerMaster COSMOS II - 25th Anniversary Edition Case
  • Coolermaster V750 Gold PSU


If you have any questions please comment and I will get back to you where possible.






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Work Log 1 - Case Modelling



To start with I began to strip down the case and measure it up. Once I had all the required measurements I then modelled it up in CAD (See images below). Cad had a number of benefits to it such as Easily and cheaply having the ability to change/modify things on the fly. Having a visual representation of my project allows me to better layout the over design of the build ensuring performance and aesthetics are equally amazing.



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Work Log 2 - Component Research



Now I have the Case modelled in Cad I can focus on what components I would like to have in the build. I also need to take into consideration the size of components to ensure that they conform to my initial Design/Idea. Lastly performance needs to be though about with each component individually and also as a complete system. Not really much Physical work being done here but a lot of thinking and brainstorming, Measure twice cut once so to say.


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Work Log 3 – Design Research



At this stage I have the Case modelled up and have decided upon what components I will use. Now I need to think about the project design and layout, this involves not just the water cooling aspect but everything inside the build. I began to look at a few different sources for inspiration such as the WestWorld Tv show itself and artwork online. Selecting the right colour scheme and lighting scheme is an important factor and can often be overlooked.


I also wanted to come up with something new in the PC Modding scene, a wow factor that has never been seen before, I have a few Ideas at the moment and will put together a few test pieces, stay tuned for more on that later.



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Work Log 4 – Putting Together a Build Concept in CAD



I have now got everything needed to put together my initial design concept. I will start with double checking that I have all models of parts, layouts etc modelled and ready. I wish I could show more of this stage but I do not wish to give away too much of the build until the competition deadline ended.


As I stated in an earlier Work Log doing all of this in CAD makes the entire process up to now much more efficient in time and money.


Apologies once again for not showing many images at this stage but it cannot be helped.




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Work Log 5 – Concept into Reality (Dry Fit)




Finally, I can begin to put all of my research and hard CAD work into reality.

The first thing is to mod the case to suit the new design and layout. This is where a good tool such as a Dremel comes in handy.









Once I had finished Dremel-ing the case I could start to add the components including custom water cooling items etc. This then gave me the overall look of the project without having to fix things in place. When at this stage it is important to think about cable routing ensuring that there is room for all cables to get to the correct locations as well as looking good and part of the project not just stuck in as an afterthought.


Lastly I need to plan out my Lighting, this can seem initially very easy on the surface of it but if you look/think about it in more detail it can become incredible complex due to shading in areas of the case, viewable angles, External Light sources, Gloss/shiny surfaces, access, cable routing and also when the side panel is open or closed it can alter the look.





Once I was happy with the Concept I was ready to cut the custom parts I needed and make sure I had everything from components to tools.





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Work Log 6 – The Build!


Hi all,

I have some bad news. The build that I designed was in the Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary edition case which is quite rare, the case was stripped down and some parts were sent to be powder coated well in advance, the problem is that the company used for the powder coating has lost these parts. The deadline is looming and as I mentioned the case is quite rare so the chances of getting another quickly and finishing the build are very slim.

I want to apologise to Cooler Master, OverclockersUK (My Sponsor) and all the other people and companies who have contacted me with help and advice throughout this competition. I feel like I have let people down but the issue was totally out of my control, a tough pill to swallow.

The whole point of me entering this competition was to showcase to everyone my work, personal designs and overall capability in high end custom pc design and get my name out there to further my career in the best possible way. This being said I did manage to get all of the design work complete on CAD and also some of the build finished so I have decided to share what I have with you all as some of the things have never been seen or done before and I am proud of these. I hope you enjoy





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