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Project: Mad max: war rig


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Hello again! It's been quite a while since 2017s cmws!


So now, I have moved on, new everything!


So let's get started!

I wanted to do a carmageddon case mod but then, it came up as mad Max one! So then I decided to see the movie!


The project is called war rig.


The case is an old heroichi I got from a friend, which I custom painted that a few years ago.




what my plans are, is to recreate some saw blades which are stuck on the war rig and make it look like it destroyed the surrounding area and be more realistic!


So then I made some templates, one out of paper....




....and one out of cardboard for more durability for when I decide to make the blade.




Came along pretty nice I must say as a first step.

So, next step, is to create the saw blade out of acrylic and fit it on the case with the aforementioned steps!


See you in a jiffy - Alyx Vance

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Hello again! Quite a few things happened since the last post.

I made the first saw blade out of thick acrylic and just as I expected, it didn't came out well cutted.




Right after that, I had to trimm down the imperfections.




So next was the finalizing filling.




With a little company I achieved a fine result as seen above!




Next step, was sanding a bit the acrylic's surface to prepare it for painting.

Here is test painted!




Afterwards, I used an angle grinder to cut the face panel diagonally to fit the blade. A little side panel was sacrificed to make it look more realistic.




Next day, I made a second saw blade from thinner acrylic. It came out better, so I didn't had to get it done with three steps.


To finalize it I used a router bit for the Dremel.




Right after that, I used the same process to fit the second blade on the case and here is the result!




More than satisfying for me!


Next step, is to remove the colour and add some nails on the top. Acrylic bars will be added also on the face panel and painted accordingly!


Until then, cheers!

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Good evening everyone!


Stayed up all night to work

So, first things first.

The face panel is now three parts, so i removed everything to prep it for paint

I sanded down with 80 gritt sandpaper to roughen its surface



Then, i decided, to wheather/rust the saw blades so i painted them matt grafitti black



I used the metal masters rust kit with primer, oxidizing iron paint and rust activator.

Here are some images of the blades along the rusting process.




Next i decided to rust the open side panel with the same procedure, so after it's done i test fitted the parts to see how it'll lookIMG_20191115_061139.thumb.jpg.800180cf378fec429968b83820cca4cd.jpgIMG_20191115_061335.thumb.jpg.9baaf8bf551cb2daa7ec4521661c5756.jpgIMG_20191115_061347.thumb.jpg.c405505eb3665f0f628a8ac2cc54b41f.jpg


As i walked out of the room, i thought of adding some red paint splashes




To me, the result wasn't satisfying so i also rusted a part of the face and the other side panel.




I thought it might be good result to add some nails on top, and so i did it, but after a few hours i didn't like them and i removed them.

So i repainted a part of the upper panel and added some cigarette ash to wheather it even further!


Now, what comes next is painting the inner parts of the case!


Until then, Cheers!

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Hello again!


Not much done since the major update.


I thought though, to enhance a bit the ageing by adding some ash on the top panel and the other side panel.


I used ash from the ashtray, yes I smoke!




what I want to do, is to gather some sand and stick it with glue where rust isn't much, so this would happen on the top panel and the right panel!

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cool mod !!! old & rusty = tetanus LOL

do the acrylic blades go all way inside the case OR you cut them as the shape of front panel (to avoid taking space inside the case, for your components)

sand, metal tears, barbe wire and bullet holes make a good madmax aspect to the case, indeed ;)

just keep your cigarette flame away from spray can, ok? continue the good work.

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