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Vega 64 Reference Liquid Cooling Unit Transfer! (Need help!)

Brian V Vo

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Hey guys! I need to poll people's expert opinion and feedback. I have a nonworking vega 64 liquid cooling unit and transferred the Cooler Master AIO unit that came with it to my new MSI vega 64 air boost OC board that looks 99% identical. The individual parts might be different internally since I saw they didn't have the same numbers and stuff but the layout and size is 99% the same. I also notice MSI sells the same reference liquid cooling version as well so that might be a good sign! The only difference is this jst and capacitor on the corner of the board that I assume powers the liquid cooling unit.  My question is, is it possible to just solder those two items to the new board? I don't see why not, but I am not an expert. This will cost me $50 to have someone professionally solder it and he told me to do some research before deciding to do it. A few things is would there be a bios thing that wouldn't make it work? Since this is a little invasive, would it be possible to rewire something externally to a power source instead of messing with soldering or could it be possible a few of those wires might be like some temperature regulator or something? (who knows, i'm a total noob at this!) Just weighing my options. Thank you community!   


(Link to detailed pictures!)




(old non working unit)


(new unit w/o the connection and capacitor)


(MSI's LC version)


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