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Cosmos II - Squadrons Hangar

Callum Smith

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Hi all this will be the first time, I'm competing and even doing any sort of tower mod, looking forward to working on this.


With the release of the new STAR WARS: Squadrons I'm going to be modding my Cosmos II to be a Hangar Diorama and maybe a Death Star look.


I'm looking forward to showing you guys my progress, Have a good one.


Part 1: Cleaning the case



Part 2: 3D modeling and concepting (Coming Soon)


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One question I have for anyone looking at this post !

I have space for 3 Dioramas in the front of the Case, 2 of which will be a Rebellion Hangar and an Empire Hanger.

But the 3rd one at the bottom I have no idea what to do !

What do you think I should do with the 3rd diorama ?

One Idea I had was the access tunnel that they took to the center of the death star with a millennium falcon zooming through.



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