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Josiah Fast

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I don't want a bunch of wires crossing over each other so I made up a CPU cable with enough length to stay low and go along the power supply side out of sight. It then neatly comes out to make a sweeping bend into the motherboard connector.



GPU cables are super short and cute. Below is a picture of the first one I did.



EVGA is generous with their cable lengths which is awesome but this case has very short cable runs for the most part. You can see in the picture below how even the motherboard cable had almost half the cable length removed.



I ran out of the crimp connectors unfortunately so I ended up soldering some of the last wires I needed to do. I didn't like how busy this cable looked in this build with individually sleeved wires so I went with four bundles with an asymmetric pattern. I am SUPER happy with how it looks.





I made another tiny power cable for the Corsair H115i that was not special but very fun to make haha





I then installed the NVMe, riser cable, CPU, cooler, a temporary power switch, and for the first time tested the system.



We booted and everything worked! I downloaded Forza and played for a little while to "test" the computer lol

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I started by running a pair of wires for the power button to the back of the case. I used the same route as the sata cables. Behind the motherboard to the back bottom of the case. The wires were extra long for wherever I decided to put the switch.





I saw a piece of equipment in a dumpster at work that the shipping department threw out because it had broken. It had the literal perfect power button on it so I salvaged that perfectly working button for this build! I made a little pouch to catch any potential debri that may fall into the case, taped the back of the case as well, and started drilling my hole.





Just look at this bad button. It has a super satisfying click too! Win.


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Little update with some small modding of my first NVMe I've ever used which is pretty fun!

I wanted to put a heat sink on the 500GB, Samsung 970 EVO NVMe cause it looked kinda boring. I bought a very cheap heatsink that had a nice grill look that I knew would match the build style well.

I put it on the drive to test the fit and make sure it was all good first.




That all went great and I only dropped the tiny screw like 14 times haha

I then took it back apart and using fine sandpaper and some water, sanded the black anodizing from the top of the heat sink. I sanded that very fine until I got a very fine brushed finish that contrasted sharply with the rest of the heatsink. I put that back together and the result was a fantastic improvement aesthetically!





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Fun detail update!

I needed to embrace the radiator in the grill more by designing an additional feature. Radiator cap!

I designed a cap to fit the scale of the radiator and the angle it was mounted at. 3D printed, sanded, painted, and finally made a couple vinyl stickers to look like a classic caution (and of course a signature). More shots of this to come!



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The finer details continue


I sketched the signature/logo for the build name but my pen work isn't clean enough for me. I used multiple font types, manually placing individual letters and adjusting sizes of individual letters to pull off something as close to my concept sketch as I could.









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The remaining pieces of hardware are installed such as the CoolerMaster Master fan Pro 140, that I am using for the upper air intake.

The last tasks were setting up the colors for the RGB, setting up Windows and other stuff on the computer for my dad, and doing a little more "testing" (gaming haha).




Also, this is the last update! The next posts will be some video content and (many) final photos. I am beyond excited to share the build and my dad's reaction with you all!


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I know many of you were excited to see my dad's reaction to the gift. I know I was out of my mind excited to finally show it to him after all these months! My good friend asked to do the YouTube video so check it out below!


Surprising his Dad with a custom-built gaming PC! | Spirit of Motion, sponsored by EVGA and NVIDIA

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