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Racing car project 311GTE

Model>cooler master masterbox mb311l


Concept: A new design of the MasterBox MB311L case is focused on giving the feeling as like as Japanese car engine room with Titanium nut, stainless pipe simulated as intercooler pipe, Defi volt gauge which is a necessary auto part of racer, taking account into practical usability after installation by the modification does not make the case’s appearance loses its unique. Its metallic grey makes it looks simple and elegant, and orange makes it looks extremely hot. Both colors on the case make it looks mix and match.

Its design conveys the case modification to look simple which everyone can assemble it when having only the simple tools such as screwdriver, drill, cutting tool, and spray paint, focusing on making the work looks perfect and meets the expectation and concept.

Spect : Intel Core i5 9400f

             Msi B365

             msi gtx 1050ti

             Ssd WD Green 128

             coolermaster mwe 550EK-Thermosphere - Nickel

             Watercooling Pacific W1, EK Thermosphere ,Fitting Barrow 

             Case MassterBox MB311L Argb

            EK-Thermosphere - NickelEK-Thermosphere - NickelEK-Thermosphere - NickelEK-Thermosphere - NickelEK-Thermosphere - NickelEK-Thermosphere - NickelEK ThermosphereEK ThermosphereEK ThermosphereEK Thermosphere EK Thermosphere 














Set up a concept to study the components of different positions of the engine. Before starting to design the internal structure

I blew up the same engine room To add a new frame



















































































Use stainless to build a racing frame. Perform drilling, reduce weight and then co2 welding
Use 2 K lacquer to increase intensity, color and shine.
What is indispensable for a fast car
Defi c2 speed meter I will use it to connect to a 12 v DC system.
When the 12v power is too low than the set value Diffy will sound a warning.
Service back io panel












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system test 5 days

Bending the pipe as a bend installation in a tight space. To coagulate the engine block Imitating the styling of Japanese JDM cars.
Fullload tested 24 hours, no water leakage, max temperature 55 ? for cpu 40 ? for graphic card.





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