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Modern Wooden PC CaseMod


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Last year the pandemic scenario changed the relationship between internet creators and the public. We are an youtube channel called Studio1202 and we teach people how to create their own furniture and how to bring more design to their homes. So, we started to make some lives but (un)fortunatelly, our PC was not enough to do this. After several problems we decided to change our woodwork shop PC. But, off course, it must have our design signature so, our modern wooden PC was starting to born!


Project design concept and inspiration

Our new PC is ready and we made it as a youtube video challenge. It is made by Tauari (brazilian oak) an FSC wood commonly used in floors, wall coverings and furniture in general. Its light brown color combined with glass and black metal details brings a modern design and transforms this case into a design piece for the modern Brazilian home. Its design was built based on Silencio S600, maintaining the basic structure of the case, adding a fine joinery work and using laser cut steel sheets with black paint. You can see our concept board photos attached.


Hardware & Sponsors

Case: Cooler Master Silencio S600 (Cooler Master)
Motherboard: X570 Elite wi-fi (Aorus)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X (AMD)
GPU: AMD Radeon 5500X (AMD)
Memory: 4 x XTREEM ARGB DDR4 3200Mhz (Team Group)
HD01: SSD  M.2 PCIe Cardea Zero Z440 1T (Team Group)
HD 02: SSD Vulcan (Team Group)
Liquid Cooler:  Masterliquid ML240RS RGB (Cooler Master)
Fans: 2x Masterfan MF120 HALO (Cooler Master)
Power supply: V750 GOLD Full Modular (Cooler Master)


Sponsors: Cooler Master, AMD and Team Group


Creation process

Creation process was based in our visual gallery and design signature already present in our design furniture and the use of wood and metal was an important part to give it this signature. Some weeks studying case mods already made in internet and some updates in computers technologies. In the end, we created a concept board, that you can see below, to turn our ideas more visual. The result is a simple and elegant PC that referred to modern brazilian design using a mix of textures and materials used in brazilian interior houses and allowing its use in any space in the house due to the straight lines design.



Action shots



Show any issues or problems you faced

In this project we had mainly 3 major challenges:
The first one was how to coat Silencio S600 without interfer in its structural part keeping design lines. This step was completely done when we choose Tauari (brazilian oak) due to its ease of use and handling
The second challenge was to keep the air flow inside case allowing the correct components refrigeration. This was solved including customized steel grids bringing new design elements to the project.
The last challenge was to find a design and production techniques that allow the project to be costumized in a production line creating several PCs in a fast way, one of our main general premisses.



Our assembly process was made in our woodworking shop and the complete process took a month (first project / prototype). All the steps were documented in a video in our channel.  



Final shots















CaseMod Studio1202 (1).jpg

CaseMod Studio1202 (2).jpg

CaseMod Studio1202 (3).jpg

CaseMod Studio1202 (4).jpg

CaseMod Studio1202 (5).jpg

CaseMod Studio1202 (6).jpg

CaseMod Studio1202 (7).jpg

CaseMod Studio1202 (8).jpg









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