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I present to you the Ducati panigale pc. the result of almost 1 year of planning and construction. the pc is inspired by the Ducati panigale v4r and adapted to be a pc and mounts the following components: i7 12700k, MSI MPG CORELIQUID K240 Asus z690m, RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32 GB
 PSu Cooler Master MWE 750 Gold V2 wrapped, 1tb ssd and 4tb hard disk. The whole case was made using 3D printing, it was finished and painted in the bodywork to have the same glossy finish as the panigale v4r and all the stickers were made to measure. The frame has a carbon effect finish and on the front there is our name and logo with a completely rgb hexagonal effect that recalls the back. In place of the clutch cover of the bike we find a completely adapted RGB fan to maintain the design. The CPU radiator is in the same position as the motorcycle radiator so as to be more similar to the real one. Instead of the ignition key we can find a button with a led circle. There are also the position lights on the front and the rear lights, both dimmable. Finally, a 3.5" screen made exactly like the original one by adapting it to a PC because instead of the speed we find the degrees of the CPU and based on the temperature the engine revolutions increase or decrease, at the top left instead of the motorcycle temperature we have a interactive bar for the temperature of the gpu (which is not currently mounted), at the top right we find the time while at the bottom right we find cpu and ram load.PHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-33.thumb.jpg.65fb686e28ba361453d7362db8f6ff0f.jpgPHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-31.thumb.jpg.a6029e25db279d5f23db88812147859f.jpg412927280_PHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-32(1).thumb.jpg.916bf9468d2c83f33db3445682b12c9e.jpgPHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-32.thumb.jpg.973cf82fb17097edfdb4781af3989649.jpg395986523_PHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-35(2).thumb.jpg.c440656314c3bf4fe1b761e6be430613.jpgPHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-35.thumb.jpg.a5b63ea5072f524b71dd50c86f4613c3.jpgIMG_6604.thumb.PNG.0b7f6f0badf333ff5fc3974d980a5a3f.PNGPHOTO-2022-12-20-22-29-22.thumb.jpg.abf8a873905cc2aaedb76a0a5f808c79.jpgPHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-28.thumb.jpg.b98afa83d71a6aa2713ba1cddf3cfd09.jpg1318911475_PHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-30(2).thumb.jpg.3ce10b1e44e0b0e367c4da6662b619d0.jpg689653597_PHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-30(1).thumb.jpg.23e9d0211b84c68cd35ab90d6fbc71ec.jpgPHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-30.thumb.jpg.ce2164199ecfc54e7e9daba0294633ff.jpg285835702_PHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-31(1).thumb.jpg.443d833eb3f53de3e587caadef53ae0c.jpg1825906597_PHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-36(1).thumb.jpg.069a8b24182f8c8ae8dd0f400496f0c5.jpgPHOTO-2022-12-20-22-31-36.thumb.jpg.9d0c9232148a325a9f8bfdbae94b8cd3.jpg


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