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Timpelay - STAGE

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By utilize the functional form of the Masterframe 700 in a new way, create a PC that will give its audiance a performance.



  • Case - Cooler Master Masterframe 700
  • Mobo - TBA
  • CPU - TBA
  • RAM - TBA
  • SSD - TBA
  • PSU - Cooler Master GX III 1250W
  • GPU - Nvidia RTX4090 Founders Edition
  • Fans - TBA



  • Nvidia & Cooler Master
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With this year´s competition I want to explore how to widen a custom PC´s expression.

Innovative design gives possibility to add features that will cover more of our senses.

I want this PC to be seen, heard and have the ability to perform for you with a show - STAGE




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So what the heck is going on?


Well in CMWS22 there was a non PC mod category that got me back in to speakers, building stereo speakers out of NR200P cases.

Since then I've been wanting to pair a sound system with a PC. But not just any how. It must make sense with the overall design and be able to use this feature in a suitable way.


So, I'm building the PC you can take to a lan party and show off like a baws. Or why not a split screen session (on the projector!?) and later a movie.

Follow and you will understand.


I'm currently in the design stage making room for sound on the Masterframe 700.

And what I want to do is to at first glance fool you that this is a heavy watercooled PC with dual 360 rads, as the builds in this case use to be.

From far away you'll hear that this PC isn't silent, no way near quiet. Actually pretty damn loud.

Coming closer you'll soon understand what you see and hear. A stage performance.

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3x 120 mm fans to be swapped for speakers. The most convienient way to build stereo speakers would be a 2 way using one tweeter and one mid/bass.

That's not a suitable setup for this design. I need approx 3x 120 mm speakers in each array to mimic the fans. 

Closest will be 3x 5.25" (130 mm) so that's what I'm aming for! They will all be full range coaxial speakers, which looks very close to a spinning fan, but instead of the motor the tweeter is in the middle.


I've started with one array to get my dimensions right. I will replace the original wings of the case attaching my new modules directly to the hinges.




Right now I'm designing the housing for the speakers and thinking of putting each element in its own compartment.

Since the housings will be 3D-printed it's possible to make them extremely complex, which gives me the opportunity to design somewhat of a transmission line speaker.

Not closed and not ported. But with an acoustic path from the backside of the element and traveling through a long compartment (folded) to reach the open air.

I've touched this design briefly doing my reserach and it gives some great acoustic benefits. BUT it's hard to calculate the volume/path lenght ratio to optimize the benefits depending on frequency damping.

So I've decided to go with separate boxes for each speaker element and actually try some designs, experimenting with lenght and volume.

This is untouched ground for me and I'm super excited for some trial and error!


This is a basic sketch of my design in cut-through that I will be modeling. Haven't got any speakers just yet but will hopefully get them next week, stay tuned!




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Time for some 3D-modeling. I still don't have any speakers but currently in contact with my local store securing some goodies.

Meanwhile I'd like to focus on the backside compartment of the speaker housing, where the transmission line will be created


I want to combine the circular shape with the outline of the CM logo, as I did with the bass port on my NR200P speakers.

The outlet will have the CM shape and will transition to a tubular folded design.

From step one I'm also considering how to get stability, where to place joints and the posibility to print the entire back housing in one piece without any need for support inside.



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There it is!


A completely circular back box design for the speaker with a free floating cup design to create a transmission line inside.

It will be printed in two pieces where the speaker assembly part is the first and the back box the second.


Now to get these in line for x3 array and a solid mounting solution to the hinges of the case.



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