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Project Cooler Monster (09 modding contest entry)


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hey guys

so here's what the cooler monster looks like

i'll start in reverse order of the mods...

the lcd panel..

here's how its started

i stripped the panel out of its shell...


then extended a few cables to make sure nothing gets pulled off


then case the pcb behind the lcd to prevent any short circuit and laced the lcs in place of 2 drive bays


since it was a 6" wide lcd the fit was perfect..

and here's what it looks like at night


now the insides

i changed the led's on the front and added a few on the side fan to match the color of aquagate max...


a better look of the inside


added some green uv paint on the top and some blue on the bottom hard drive bracket just for experimentation


and here's a final pic of what it looks like in the end :)



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