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Lamborghini Cosmos Cooler Master Modding Contest 2009


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Welcome To The Lamborghini Cosmos

System Spec

Intel i7 920, Asus P6T DE, GF295 SLI, Ocz 6 /1600 Triple Channel DDR3, Seagate 1TB, ThermalTake ToughPower 1200, SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Serie, Logitech MX5500 Combo. Samsung 23" 2333SW, Window 7 64bit

Watercooling Spec / Product List used for this build

1/Aquabox 5 1/4

1/Aquaero 4.00 USB Fan-Controller, VF

1/Black Faceplate for Aquaero

1/Aquatube G1/4 Delrin black with fittings

1/Black Faceplate for Aquatube

1/Aquabay AT (installation bay for aquatube

12/Blacknoise Noiseblocker Multiframe S-Series M12-S1 51.2 CFM

1/Logisys Dual White 12in. CCFL Light kit

2/SATA II Cable Black 24" 180 to 90 degree connector

1/TIM-Consultants - T-C Greaseâ„¢ 0098 Thermal Interface Material

1/Floppy Black 18"

2/Feser One F1 Cooling Fluid - UV Black - 1 Liter

2/DD12V-D5 Pump Variable Speed by Laing

2/Feser X-Changer QUAD 480 Extreme Performance Radiator

8/Feser TFC Xtender - Radiator Shroud 120 - BLUE LED

2/A.C. Ryan AcrylPanel 3mm 480x480mm Black

Black Heatshrink 1/2 inch - 5 foot

Custom Cut Length 3/8 Expandable Sleeving - 10 foot

Tygon R3603 7/16 x 5/8" AAC00033 40 Foot


1/ HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366 LT

1 MCH2049 ASUS P6T Deluxe / OC Palm Dualchip Freezer POM

1 MCH2157 ASUS R2E / P6T Series Mosfet Freezer 1 POM

1 MCH2159 ASUS P6T Series Mosfet Freezer 2 POM

1 MCH2248 RAM Freezer 5 incl. 3 RAM Modules

2 Bitspower D5 / MCP655 Mod Kit - Black Sparkle

2 Bitspower D5/MCP655 Pump Mod Replacement Top

8 Bitspower True Silver 1/2in. Compression Fittings for 5/8in. OD Tubing

1 Bitspower G1/4 Silver Shining Compression Rotary Angle Fitting for Tube 11/8MM - # BP-LRV

1 Akasa PaxMate II Noise Reduction Kit

10 Set of 4 Female Molex Pins

1 3-Pin #2510 Female Header Housing

1 Male Molex Connector

1 Female Molex Connector

1 3-pin Male Header

1 Aquatube G1/4 Delrin black without fittings

1 Aquaero 4.00 USB Fan-Controller, white/BLUE

1 Aquabox 5 1/4" schwarz without fittings

2 Illumination module BLUE for aquatube G1/4

2 Connector plug&cool straight G 1/8

1 Aquabus cable for tubemeter

1 Tubemeter USB fill level sensor

When it came to buliding a new computers.. I was looking for something nice and came up with the coolermaster 1000 .. I must say coolermaster did a wonderful job but i had something in mind myself just to give it that wow factor also this is how the original looked in my bedroom




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So lets move on why did i go for Lamborghini Case design because i've always love Lamborghini cars .. Frist it was not easy looking at designs for anybody it's always abit mind blowing looking at everybody eles mods .. so what i did frist was look at case's you have to start somewhere you need a base mine was a CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000... right after that i had to look at sidepanels designs so i want for the full Lamborghini emblem seem right to me because being a Lamborghini case mod .. so looking on google for a few days how i was going to do the deisgn i had to start of big just to get use to how the logo was going to be cut so this was the frist go of the Lamborghini frist


So let’s move on to cutting the windows... I used leaser cutter machine simple reason gives it a cleaner look when you’re doing a job like this to any D.I.Y tool ...


Then after that i got ready to cut the acrylic windows as you can see in the picture just fit perfect


also already done a smaller Lamborghini emblem also had to be done a bit smaller because as you can see in the picture its still way to big....


right as you could see in the last picture we have already fitted the acrylic windows and the Lamborghini emblem as you can see just alone that's going to be kind of heavy.. so we needed some sort of support to keep it up right so we want for some grill meash also give it a sport car and thats what you want...




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for the Lamborghini emblems i found a place on the internet

the Crest Bull Shield emblem cost me $55 and for the Lamborghini Script 8 Inch $60 .. i know kind of expensive but thats the only place who sells the Lamborghini emblems used for replica cars



So lets move on to case paint colors i choose pearl white with a clear coat finishes .. reason being you can see white a mile away .. and for the inside of the case i want matte black reason being its very common now with case modding everybody does it.. also looks nice with uv tubing , coolant and light's ... these are the pictures after the case being painted also i did not do this myself reason being i'm no good with a spray gun






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