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Project Twenty Nine (Stacker 831se) 56k warning :)


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That's beautiful. I love how clean and neat it is. I never really got into the whole sleeving each wire separate but it looks really good. I mite try it. I'm not to into the stacker and didn't really see what its all about. But your case makes it look really good. This is how cases should look. Something elegant and powerful. Not like something crammed with tons of hardware, lights, fans and whatever else they can get in there. You should hold on to that one for a long time.

I love the pics. Looks like it went on vacation..lol. Love the city background pics. Like somethin' outta magazine or cover shot.


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Nice photos , I LOVE the lack of the IDIOTIC toolless design feature , fortunately Coolermaster have already removed the IDIOTIC tooless design PCI feature on the newest Coolermaster cases , now is time to remove also the 5.25 Bay tooless IDIOTIC design feature , I LOVE to use my screwdriver when I build a computer , what is the problem to turn a screw to swap a video card every two years ?


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