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  1. I hope you're all okay. We've all had issues due to lockdown. We worked hard to finish the processing on time. We invested more money and time to finish the work. Moving the term would also be unfair to sponsors.
  2. Finally!! it will be spectacular !!!
  3. and after assembling I airbrushed the other side of the case.
  4. I took the engine cover of a porsche cayenne and used it to fix the plexiglass
  5. I made the support to fix the radiators behind the mobotray and intstall the fans, and join the cables to make them custom-made
  6. then I created the cover for the psu cables with plexyglass. and after i cut de front panel of the case CoolerMaster Sl600M
  7. After painting the chassis, I created the lower plexy panel and I went on to test the "piston tank."
  8. with an electric motor I want to give movement to a tank as if it were a piston of an engine.
  9. I add aluminum reinforcements to put the power supply in the front
  10. I worked on the top to give them a racing style look
  11. Let's cut the frame to create an opening like the hood of a car .
  12. we verify the spaces and continue the mod. We prepare the top case supports
  13. Now I changes the support for the power supply.
  14. I continue to reinforce the chassis to create new openings. I seem to install roll bars. lol
  15. To move the motherboard towards the center of the case, I insert reinforcements and cut the mobo tray
  16. I'm creating a PC inspired by the Porsche and by the racing world. There will be changes to the chassis, with custom loop, custom painting e custom part. Hardware Specs: Cpu: Intel I5 9600k Ram: XPG 32gb D41 SSD: Intel p600 512gb PSU: CoolerMaster V750 VGA: Msi Gaming Rtx 2080 ventus MB: MSI Z390 gaming pro carbon Custom Loop: WB: Masterliquid maker 240 Waterblock VGA: ekwb vga rad: 360 ekwb se Pump: ek xtop revo d5 pwm plexi Tank: ek res x3 150 rgb
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