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  1. BENCHMARKS! So.. First run, was box standard with NO overclocks at all. Pretty basic score. After this i ran a CPU Overclock. Managed to pull an extra 32 score. Finally i put the GPU's core clock & Memory clock up by +200 each. And managed to pull over 800 more score. This overclock ultimately puts the system higher than a ''High-End gaming PC'' in the rankings. - This post is for the NVIDIA sub catagory.
  2. I don't see any information on how to submit your project once completed. So, where can we submit our projects?
  3. Personally.. An extension isn't needed. The current pandemic isn't going away any time soon. An extra month wouldn't change anything. Things are as tough now as they were long before the cmws20 started. If anything, its going to get worse because of christmas time, families meeting etc. Some people will always want more time, some people were prepared and are finished or just getting finished. That said, if most people need extra time, then so be it. Doesn't hurt anyone.
  4. #ontherocks What an incredible journey it has been. Thankfully and unfortunetly it is now finished. (Mixed emotions) Would like to thank our partners EK Water Blocks CableMod XPG Global ASUS Republic of Gamers AMD Gaming Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Without them, this project would NEVER have been possible. System Specs: ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming Motherboard ASUS ROG Strix RTX2080 OC Edition MEMORY: XPG Spectrix D60G DDR4 16GB @3200mhz SSD: XPG Spectrix D40G M.2 SSD 512GB Cablemod: Custom made to order cables CPU: AMD Ryzen 3800X EK Waterblocks cooling
  5. Decided to upload some of the final images. Will post more detailed ones this weekend. In the image below, you can see 1 of the 2 filters that are in place to stop dust and debris from heading on into the loop. More to follow Craig
  6. Some large updates.Over the weekend, i finished the loop, ran a leak test and ran into several issues.Majority was recorded, and because of the leaks that happened, i just trashed the video.So looks like i'm skipping the build video and just moving to final images + Videos.At this moment in time, it's just touch ups here and there that are required, cables to moved around inside etc.Anyway, here's a couple shots from last night and a live video of the build that was done on facebook last night. [MEDIA=youtube]0X0lm1IrZVA[/MEDIA]
  7. Just a quick update today.Not really had a huge amount of time to get much done.At the moment, i'm working on the rear of the case, placing everything where i want it.Still tons of work to do, but for the time being, i'm very very happy with how it's starting to take shape. https://forum.overclock3d.net/images/statusicon/wol_error.gif Ignore the mess around it lolThis is basically how it will look when finished.Still to do1. GPU arrives tomorrow, will block it, and do the GPU cables.2. Run the Tubes from bottom and top to the GPU.3. Clean up the marks on the back.4. C
  8. Decided to get to work on the GPU block's face plate.Wanted something wooden ofc, but with 2 logo's (Ek + ROG)This took me about 2 hours to design + Cut + Etch + StainWood is Birch Ply and costs me about 30p per A4 sheet.First, i use AutoLaser to do my cutting, and coraldraw12 to do all my designing.So much easier to work on coral then export as an AI file. The cutting and etching process takes about 45 minutes, i have the laser on a lower speed to get a deeper etch.Once done, i test fitted and it's perfect. The orange marks are from the
  9. EK Waterblocks package made an appearance today too.I'm only going to show the CPU block for now, i'm still very much in the deep end with figuring out the loop and how it's going to work.This, is the EK Signature Edition Lignum CPU Block.This block, is nothing short of breathtaking. I also got to work on the coolant.There's a reason it's darker in the bottle. This is because i'm running 10/12mm tubing, if i didn't make the coolant darker than normal, it'd look like **** instead of jack daniel's.
  10. Motherboard arrived today from ASUS UK.Really nice bit of kit too.The ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming I got to work and put it in the case! After this arrived, i got to work on the cables.24pin + USB extensions to save needing to go inside the case.
  11. While waiting for the final parts to arrive. I decided to start work on the cable combs. While these look chunky, i can assure you, they are indeed chunky chunks. I needed a good surface area on the bottom, to affix them directly to the case. Making sure they don't come back off. FOr some reason, this page will not allow me to upload any more images. Will try again later to show the final looks after they were stained. Craig
  12. After a long day, i decided to put more work into the build. Started with messuring up the fans, lining up the laser cutter and cutting the circles. I then put the fans in and screwed them on. I'm putting these as intake, so i want to use some kind of dust filter. After this, i was unhappy with all the screws and holes and lines. So i done it all again on fresh wood, Re-cut the holes, this time i used no more nails, and made sure it was absolutely solid. I also wanted to add some of the sponsor logos, so i laser cut them out of the same
  13. Finally received my CoolerMaster SF360R ARGB Fans. Bought these for £30 the other week. As per CM world series rules, every scratch build bust contain at least 1 CM product. So yeah... This will do Will be cutting the vents on the case this week and fitting the fans. Craig
  14. Fresh new delivery from Cablemod! Love love love my cablemod cables. They were custom made to order to specific length and colors. That's all for now folks, Waiting for more parts to arrive. Thank you for looking. Craig
  15. Got a nice delivery today from XPG / ADATA. First up, the Spectrix D60G 16GB Kit @3200mhz Really pretty RAM, although it's white, it will be lit orange when it's powered on. Next up is the Spectrix S40G 512GB M.2 SSD
  16. Few updates! Working on filling the gaps, using a basic tube of wood filler, and then staining it to match. Ran a few test bits to see how it would look. Pretty happy with that, will take a few coats to get right. Filled, time to start staining. Aside from the bottom still needing another the coat, the sides have vanished and become 1 with the wood
  17. Update! Woring on the rear of the case this weekend. Need it be as simple as possible, as there's no cover. (Completely open) While the back looks rough, i'll start with adding 2 slats to the bottom. I then want to close this off, i use 3mm thick Plywood birch. Also added a top bar to level the top off. Once i was happy with that, i stained it to match Finally, the plan for the loop layout in the back Rear will no go down for sanding to really smooth it all o
  18. So... on to the special effect, the cherry atop my cake. This proved somewhat difficult, oi had to find a way to stop the water from rolling back down the case and overflowing the glass and bottle. I called up a buddy of mine who's a plumber and asked him for advice. He suggested using check valves. These valves allow air, gas and water to be pushed one way, however they immediately close when air or water or gas try to come back. So, 2 of these will prevent this issue, allowing for the waterfall to remain part of the loop. Yes, it's all going to be part of the loop. cool huh?
  19. Things begun to arrive from Jack Daniel's!!! Yep, Jack Daniel's came through and sent me out a whole bunch of bottles, different sizes too! Also they sent out 2 glass tumblers, a bar matt and some goodies for myself
  20. Next i felt it was missing some sort of edge, a frame if you will. So i went to my cutter, played around and after 2 days, finally settled with these black frames. The reason it took 2 days, was i kept drawing up designs, testing them, hating them, hating myself, hating my creativity. I tried everything i could think of. But eventually drew up these, and loved them! Painted them in black and attached them to the panels.
  21. Once i was happy with that, i took the case apart and out to my laser cutter/Engraver. I needed to somehow fit these massive panels into my 300x500mm laser bed. Wasn't easy, had to fidget around with the sides to fit it in. But, hey it's doing it's job! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DnOxHFK23Q Ignore both the child's
  22. Once i had the shape i wanted, i sanded a little, and put down the initial staining i wanted to test it's color. Luckily this was the perfect stain.
  23. After i was happy with the initial designs, i grabbed my jigsaw, drill, electric screw driver, tape measure and got to work. This was slow and painful. I've never really worked with wood before, but i knew in my head my plan so i stuck with it. Ya'll fancy case modders use great materials, Me ? No. I had a double bed frame that was going to be thrown out. So naturally, i stole the wooden slats and begun to chop them up.
  24. Work progress done so far.... First step was visual planning, i use Sketchup for all my designs, while it's not the best or prettiest, it's by far the easiest to use. I didn't know at first how to route the tubing, but i knew i wanted a waterfall of pouring jack daniel's into a glass. Or as some call it ''The never filling glass effect'' here was the initial design
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