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  1. Thank you so much man! I will say though, quite a few people placed the same bet as you hahaha
  2. Thank you so much dude and thank you for sharing my work, it's much appreciated!
  3. Haven't run a 3DMark in about six years, felt a bit nostalgic https://www.3dmark.com/spy/17983105
  4. Of course, a starship wouldn't work without its very own command center! For the peripherals mod, I decided to carry on the A.R.E.S. theme and create a dedicated command center for it. The worklog is obviously available in the Peripherals Mod section, but I also want to talk about it here, as there is a specific feature that I didn't talk about before, which is the I/O cables management. From the pics, you'll see the there are pass-throughs on each side, that can be used to connect corrugated tubes to the back of motherboard tray, in proximity of the I/O ports, allowing a perfectly t
  5. And here are some beauty shots of it controlling the A.R.E.S. starship Some pics also show the system I implemented on A.R.E.S. to hide the I/O cables and carry them towards the side of the case. That kind of pass-through is available on both sides to allow a tidy wiring in both left and right configurations. Enjoy! Full res photo gallery at: https://imgur.com/a/8FA7heQ
  6. Let's get it on with this very simple worklog. The goal here was to make something that looked super futuristic and completed the look of the A.R.E.S. build. To do that, I designed some sort of XL mousepad to be cut out of 10mm acrylic, with engravings and edge lighting. Other than the main piece, three feet were cut out, to set the whole thing to a slight angle and to hold in the chromed tube through which the LED wires will run. Those feet were welded on the main piece using acetone. Once cured, I went ahead and cut the chrom
  7. Project A.R.E.S. has landed. My entry for Case Mod World Series 2020 is a tower mod based on the C700M case. I wanted to tell a story with this project: the starship used for the space program ARES, comes in contact with some sort of organic alien technology, which starts to merge with the starship, covering the external structure and contaminating the propellant. This is visually identified in the colours used (blue and copper for the alien technology, aluminum and silver for the human technology), and the lines which are more curved for the alien technology, and straight for th
  8. Gotta save some of the juice for the worklog since it's here that the magic officially happens hahaha thank you so much dude, and thank you for following along this journey from the very start!
  9. Final update is here! This will be the last post before the final pics, so let's enjoy every single word of it! Going on with the paintjob, I finished up the side pieces and installed them, together with the white dimmable LED strips. Now time to start the works in the hidden section of the case, so all around the exposed internals. Top and bottom are populated by the two 360mm radiators, while I used front and back to route the cables for power, fans, lights and pump. Of course I made the soft tubing and
  10. Oh my, I fell behind on updates... I mean... I have like 60 WIP photos and just finished the project today. Guess a marathon is coming! So, the finish on aluminum I was talking about in the last update. Basically did a brushed finish as a base and then went on random patterns with a drill and a 75mm sanding disk. Then got part of the base painted in usual copper and blue, masking off the pockets for the acrylic pillars though, since they're already super tight and didn't want to mess around with the thickness of the paint later. Tim
  11. Hey everyone! Finally a new update, and as promised we'll take a look at the painting progress, as well some other interesting stuff. First of all I'd like to show you the resin pour safe and sound out of the mold. The fibers catch the light super well but to enhance the effect, as well as all the sparkles from the mica dyes, I will paint the back black so no light shines through except from the fibers. Now to the paintjob. I had a bit of a hard time this time because I'm using a new brand of spray cans which are pretty different to what I'm used to. Used a
  12. Hello everyone, hope you had some great holidays and I wish you all a restoring 2021! I've been absent for a few weeks, but don't worry, I was just being too lazy to update, I actually went ahead with works Let's start slow with this simple radiator mount for the top 360mm rad, made out of 5mm aluminum Next something I had to experiment a bit on. These are "fittings" that will be used to fix the corrugated pipes which will carry the cables from the hardware panel to the insides of the case. I was initially going to make them out of 5mm aluminum
  13. Weekly update is here! After so many revisions on Fusion 360, I finally machined the centerpiece that will hold all the main components together. Milled out pockets for LED strips and cables, all the holes for screws and fittings, and threaded all the holes using a power drill. The G1/4" threads will serve as pass-throughs instead of the usual pass-through fittings as I can save a lot of space around them and get a cleaner results. But enough of that for now, I wasn't brave enough to take the protective film off as I'm not mounting it on the c
  14. Here I am back after a week of silence, since I took that week to finalize a bunch of designs on Fusion and cut them all at once. Now I'm left with just a few pieces to design and cut and then we get to the semi-final phase which is the paintjob. But for now, let's take a look at some pieces I made for the externals. Cutting them out of 5mm acrylic, these are the parts that will replace the brushed aluminum panels from the C700M, specifically top and front since the back was the very first piece I made (the one with the hex reservoirs and domes).
  15. I think the same to be honest. But for example, I have two secondary projects to enter other than my main entry A.R.E.S., and an extra month would help me with those since I haven't even started working on them. So I figure a lot of people would be in the same situation as I am with the secondary entries, with their main one. It's true though that material prices, hardware availability and all that probably won't change in the matter of a month, let alone two weeks. Still, as you said, more time doesn't hurt anyone and, if anything, it gives more opportunities to a lot of people.
  16. A deadline extension would be great since a lot of people seem to be in need of it. I wouldn't do more than one extra month though, say like Feb 15 as the new deadline.
  17. I finally figure out the design for the PSU side and came out with some sort of armor for the PSU itself which will add a lot to the overall looks. The main goal was to make it look like some sort of core of the spaceship or something like that Started with the acrylic parts Then went to the two 8mm aluminum plates that will go front and back. These two will have all the mounting holes for the acrylic plates on the edges, drilled at the drill press and M4 threaded Next up is the bi
  18. Took a break from updates last week as the pandemic raged back on in Italy and I had a moment of panic where I was afraid I lost the chance to complete this year's project... but for now I'm still managing through so I hope I can make it to the end! First things first, making the last piece of the pedestal, which is this aluminum panel that will go below the chamfered acrylic one. You can see it has a little slot underneath to pass the LED cable through the back of the case Then I proceeded to bring some elbow grease out and used my new drill press to dril
  19. Chunky update this week! Got to work on the base, and this will be a rather particular part of the project! I started by designing and cutting the piece that will attach to the bottom of the case out of 8mm aluminum. This piece has: three pockets with holes for acrylic inserts and blocks, mounting holes for the case, mounting holes for the 360mm radiator and air vents. It was a pretty intricate job for me to be a CNC newbie Then I fired up my new Datron 6mm polished edge endmill and saw what it was
  20. Wow, those panels look so good! Wish I found something like that for my last year's project, instead of growing my own crystals!
  21. And here comes the attachment for my Project Pandora from the scratch build category! The name comes from the myth of Pandora's Box, which tells that the Box contained all the chaos of the world and hid all the hope at the bottom. Well I was out of fantasy for the name so I'm just calling the keyboard Chaos because it's a mechanic one and they're usually noisy, and the mouse Hope because I hope it's not as noisy as the Logitech one I have. EDIT: Since I didn't have time to commit to Project Pandora, because Project A.R.E.S. took all of my time,
  22. Oopsie, almost forgot to open this one. Pandora is a project meant for the Small Yet Mighty category, it's inspired by the myth of Pandora's Box. According to the myth, the vase contains all the chaos of the world (resembled by the amount of hardware that will be fitted in this little space) but this chaos actually hides what appears to be the hope of the world at the bottom of the vase. So to resemble this hope, I will have a very contrasting colour in the internals, while the outer casing will be made out of wood and aluminum painted black. These are a couple shots o
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