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  1. #CMWS20Finals So we've come to the end of our 3-month hard work on this project. It's good the project turned out as planned, and finished just exactly before the deadline . Once again, I would like to thank Cooler Master for this opportunity for us to showcase our humble talent all over the world. Also thank you to our sponsors, MSI, Team Group and Cooler Master who supported this build. Now I proudly and humbly present you, my "LOW RIDER"! enjoy and goodluck to all!
  2. Part 6 - The Body Kit This is the last stage of our worklog, the making of the body kit of this Low Rider project. For the body kit, I mainly used acrylic instead of sintra board like on the interiors of the build. Why acrylic? simply because it is more rigid than sintra board, it is paintable and can be bent using a heat gun. The bending is important because it will show the shape of the car and emphasize the design. So to begin with, I started on the trunk cover. I used chloroform to stick the acrylic togeth
  3. Part 5 - The Interior Alright so we're done with the chassis, the trunk and the engine, here in part 5, we'll be doing the interior of our low rider! First off, the installation of the Team Group T-Force Delta Max SSD on the "dashboard". Then some managing of cables before we cover it.. Next, the wrapping of the edges with white leather.. I still used rugby to stick the leather on to the surface.
  4. Part 4 - The Engine A car won't run when there is no engine. Same goes with computers, so for the part 4 of our project, we have installed all the hardware that will boot up our Low Rider.. But before we start assembling the components, we made some covers "under the hood", this is to avoid any contact on the metal parts of the chassis to our precious components that may cause ground/damage. Starting off with this divider that serves as "dashboard" on the interior part. Bent it using
  5. Part 3 - The Trunk On our third part of this project, it's the Trunk part. As we all know, Lowrider cars are mostly customized. Their trunks usually contains LCD monitors, amplifiers and speakers instead of grocery items or baggages. So we replicate that kind of setup. To begin with, I cut a portion of the metal sheet on the chassis. The purpose of this is to make the back part a little bit lighter. Then I made 2 mounting holes for the power cable extensions. One for the power supply, the other one is for the mini
  6. Part 2 - The Chassis In building a car, we usually start with the chassis. This marks the beginning of our project. I ordered a metal sheet with checkered pattern, together with 4 actuators to be used on 4 wheels that I bought on our local hardware store. Starting from scratch, I made a sample using a folded paper, this is to easily determine the exact measurements and guide me where I should cut out some parts on the metal sheet. I measured, cut and folded the metal sheet using combination square, triangl
  7. Part 1 - The Plan Sorry I have no idea on using drawing softwares so I just made a sketch on how the project would look like. This scratch build is not just a system unit, but a complete set-up with a built-in monitor and speakers on it's trunk at the rear. When you pop the hood, here you can see the hardware located. And under the chassis, I will be integrating actuators to replicate the hydraulics of the real "Low Rider" Now all you need is a keyboard and mouse, then you're r
  8. Hi! I am John Patrick Sy Wong of WiP PC Modz from Baguio City, Philippines. I've been modding PC since 2013 and been joining local competitions and Rig Shows around our place. PC Modding has been my passion and hobby, that until now, I am still learning and developing my skills. I love exploring different techniques and making unique projects/builds. I have joined #CMWS for the past 3 years, and every year, I keep on learning a lot. Gives me that "push" to strive harder and work harder. You may visit my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/WONGinPROJECT) and Youtube channel (https://www.yo
  9. THE FINAL CHAPTER And so the mod has come to an end, I present you this project: Beargguy P (Pretty) The concept of the mod is based on the famous Gunpla model kits produced by Bandai, Beargguy lineups. I found it cute and attractive,specially when they are in battle mode Added some sort of weathering design,scars and destroyed parts to make it look like old, battle damaged and realistic. The components are installed in the head part, the face tilts and the back of the head slides up to gain access on the motherboard.Power supply is affixed on the body. For the coolin
  10. BOOT UP! Now we have to test the build before taking some final shots
  11. Weathering and Final touches Bound to the last part of this worklog,I added some touch of "battle scars" and weathering to make it look realistic I used paint brush and sponge to apply the paint..
  12. WINGS! I added some wings for the rear part of the build..
  13. COVERS AND DETAILING Assembly of front cover,and detailing of the Beargguy. For the cover, I want to expose the power supply inside so I made a "battle damaged hole" and planning to add some weathered painting theme on it.
  14. AIO ASSEMBLY In here I used 3/8 5/8 soft tubes connecting to the AIO block,radiator,reservoir and PSU. The pump of this MASTERLIQIUD ML240L RGB is so strong,it easily manages to watercool this Beargguy project.
  15. PSU CABLE SLEEVING I used pink,gray and black combination of sleeves on the FSP PTM+ 850w power supply to match the color scheme of my build.
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