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  1. Painting the Parts Painting the Left side cover The TOP Panel The Main Supporting Plate The GPU & PSU Bracket The Back lower plate and DDC Pump Cover. The Main Base plate RAM Disassembly. CUTTING, DRILLING, TAPPING
  2. https://media1.giphy.com/media/Ph05xuYgrX5te/200.gif
  3. Hi People, Let me begin with introducing myself, I am Lester Picardo, living in DUBAI – UAE, winner of last year’s CMWS19 Apprentice League. Last year was my 1st attempt at modding competition, and winning it certainly served as a huge boost for this year’s CMWS20. The inspiration for this year's project SARUQ came from Dubai's EXPO 2020 logo. Also, as this beautiful, futuristic country holds very dear to me I would like to dedicate my project to Dubai. The inspiration for the Dubai Expo 2020 logo comes from an artifact dating back to the Iron Age, a 4000-year old gold
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