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  1. And finally, the thing I was most worried about. TUBING! This was by far the most insane thing I have ever tried, I blew up so many tubes trying to make this a reality. I dont believe I have ever seen this done before, but im sure Im not the only one whos at the very least attempted this. Its been an eventful year, I hope you have enjoyed the adventure, and I truly hope the theme speaks for itself. Im Tpbmods, and this has been Project Flustercluck!
  2. And finally, as we close out 2020 and get into 2021, I just want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me this far. I knew I wouldnt finish this project in time for CMC, as it was destined to be my Cooler Master World Series project, I rushed these shots together to have something presented in the Canadian Modding competition, I still have lots to do and I hope to get it done in time for CMWS20ISH Deadline. Win or Lose, Modding is about having fun and expressing yourself, Truthfully, I stopped having fun when the stress of competition took over and I made loads of mistakes.
  3. I really wish I had of modded this to fit fans in the top... But perhaps some more rainbow strips are in order. If I was happy with anything on this project, It was the shell of the case. After doing the fatigued cel-shaded look that borderlands is known for, I almost turned the entire project around. But a day late, many dollars short, and commitments already made, I had to push forward. If I decide to go any other direction with this case, its to get rid of all the "FLUSTERCLUCKYNESS" And go with a nice dirty cosmetic! Perhaps thats for another day.
  4. Onto Painting... if you can even call it that. This year I knew I was going to run into issues trying to paint, what I wasnt expecting was to lose my work space... Three weeks ago I was told I had to move out of the garage, as well as dismantle my covered painting area outside. What I did get out of the ordeal was my very own modshed! Unfortunately that ate up my entire weekend, which also included a day I requested off. Needless to say it was still way to cold and way too moist to be painting. I wasnt happy with the way this turned out, and If I can find the time before the CMWS20 de
  5. Here we are, New years eve... Deadline for the Canadian Modding competition. While this project was primarily focused for CMWS20, When Dazmode opened the Amateur competition to ALL Canadian modders, I got into high gear. Ive spent the evening trying to get photos uploaded and edited just to get SOMETHING posted for everyone to see. Back to some more chop chop, drill and file!
  6. Improvise, overcome, adapt. When you can't get materials, find different materials! And if it screws with your theme, start a new one. Extend the deadline... Why not. I personally know my deadline is Christmas Eve, because that leaves me time to spend with my family, so an extension late in the game really doesn't affect me.
  7. Well, it wouldnt be a mod without some actual case cutting, so its time to bust out the tools! 240/280mm front rad support just aint gonna cut it for me, go big or go home crying! 2 EK PE 360 rads are getting shoved in here, so a custom rad mount needs to be created. In sticking with the theme of using recycled materials found in a scrap pile, all the metal used has been repurposed from old case side panels. I really didnt want to just blast a hole in the rear fan and mount a pump, thats too easy! Had to get crafty, and make a full on patch! Cant have any pesky air leakage. Drilled out
  8. Alright, now that the weather is totally wet, frozen and windy; Ive had to resort to entirely waterbased acrylic and airbrushing/Paint pens so go easy on me. I have been learning how to airbrush entirely on the fly, ive probably spent more time watching tutorials than I have actually modding/painting. The CM H500p Mesh has the perfect industrial look even before mods, but I knew I needed something appropriate to represent Krieg and Borderlands so I decided to go with an Atlas Runner/Metallic Blood inspired paint job with free hand Cel-Shading. The Runner is iconic of the f
  9. "Hows the shroud coming along?" Well im glad you asked mysterious reader! If you follow my social media pages, youd know I took a nearly 4 hour drive to my parents house just to play in my dads garage. My old man does classic car restoration and has all the big boy fabrication tools, so I made my shroud from scratch using the 3:1 break/bender and finished off the more complex offsets by hand using traditional bodyworking tools.
  10. Time to airflow mod! As discussed in my previous post, I told yall I would be chopping up the front and top panel apart and installing some mesh! Not entirely sure how the outside will be painted yet, cant make up my mind if I paint it like a Hyperion Defender Claptrap unit/ or a Robolution Claptrap, or skin it up like a vehicle.
  11. Alright, time to get this party started. The Plan: Plain and simple beginnings, Keep the original design of the case as visually stock as possible while still doing loads of cosmetic modifications. The Basement will be converted from a repositionable 2 piece into a single 16ga shroud with pump/res, the front and top panel will be completely gutted out and 14ga expanded steel mesh installed. The rear fan and vertical PCIE slots will have a piece cut out and riveted into place to give me a cleaner area for mounting a EK FLT120 d5 and more real estate for painting.
  12. Hello CMWS20ISH This year will be my first masters, so im not holding back! I will be bringing to the table a tower mod in the H500p Mesh, based on one of my all time favorite game franchises of all time,BORDERLANDS! As of a week ago, we were introduced to the 4th DLC of Borderlands 3, Psycho Kreig and the Fantastic Flustercluck! This Chaotic and Anarchy fueled adventure has inspired me to learn new techniques, try to learn airbrushing and experimenting with mixed materials. This years project I will be using the Coolermaster H500p Mesh, v1000 Platinum PSU and hopefully some Coolerm
  13. This is going to be the mod to beat. Hands down the classiest, SEXIEST entry of the year
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