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  1. This event has been a roller coaster experience for me. My goal of converting the Haf Stacker 915 to a shorter version of it was a real eye opener. There were plenty of hardships along the way but I was able to overcome those obstacles. It is an honor to be part of this event and good luck to all of us participants. Special thanks to the following people: Laires Mae Lomadilla Ivana Mikal Dulay Linda Dulay Ayzie Dulay Joseph Calimon Matthew Yap Martin Lopez Aloy Magtoto Limbert Sanoy Paul Perez PC Square Cabanatuan Branch
  2. After painting the frame for the LCD and with just a few days left before the deadline, I put together all the acrylic pieces together on the modified HAF Stacker 915R.....
  3. After the watercooling, I used CorelDraw for some layouts for the side, top and front panels for case. I did the designs hoping I could fine a place that did some custom lasercutting service and fortunately a shop had some scrap acrylic that they could spare for me to use. The laser cutting service was bit pricey but I was able to get a discount because I was able to help them rid of their scrap acrylic. Prepping the acrylic pieces for painting... Painting the pieces with an airbursh...
  4. Took some time but finally!!! I disassembled the hardware for the next phase...watercooling!!! The fans are barely touching the PSU... This caused me a lot of troubles. The inlets/ports for the GPU block where blocking the fans for the radiators.... I didn't know what to
  5. Installed the rest of the hardware and wanted to see the overall look of the case with all the hardware installed.... HAF Stacker "SHORTY" Airflow configuration.
  6. I wanted to test if the fans with the magnets can hold it well even when the fans are at full RPM for extended periods of time and I was impressed that even with just 3 corners of the fans with magnets, it managed to stay in place.
  7. After the motherboard and power supply was installed, I needed to install the front fan.... What I did was to put small rectangular neodymium magnets and hot glued them at the back of the fans... The fans stuck to the front panel well!
  8. Motherboard substitute arrived!!! First thing was to set it up on my open bench table and make sure the motherboard works....and it does!! Booted up with no issues! Thanks Again to Martin Lopez for reaching out! Installed the motherboard inside the case... ...Power supply
  9. After the paint and top coat dried, assembled the case and to ready it for hardware installation.
  10. After drying the primer for about 20 hours, I sanded the dissassembled case with a 2000 grit sandpaper to remove small bumps and others. After sanding the parts, I set it out on the roof for it to dry while I mix the paint needed. I choose the official Cooler Master Gray which is found on the website.
  11. Dissassembled the case and prepped it for the paint to be removed using paint strippers, metal brush and sandpaper. Paint stripped and sanded ready for priming Drying them parts under the sun on mom's clothesline lols! Primer done!!
  12. While waiting for the motherboard replacement, I started making the PSU bracket/support/frame. I used right angled aluminum bars, screws and velcro. Filing the aluminum burrs and making it even. Drilling holes for the screws Velccro!!
  13. After semi-permanently assembling the case, I was supposed to try to install the hardware in the case if in case there are more adjustments to be done, unfortunately the mobo started to have issues booting up. I was able to send it for RMA however it took quite some time for the replacement to arrive. After the replacement arrived, I immediately tested it but alas, still having the same issues. Here is a video of the replacement motherboard: Fortunately, Martin Lopes of Aorus Philippines, after telling him my issues with both motherboards, reached out and sen
  14. After filing the metal burrs from the mobo, doing a test fit of the front panel. Removed the 80mm fan mounts from the front panel because it was interfering with intended 120 fan to be installed and to add space. With the modded front panel fitted Getting ready to cut the top horizontal bars... DONE!!! Test fitting...
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