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  1. Our case stripped back down: Parts Laid Out - You can See our Diablo Skull printed and ready to be attached: Drilled out the rivets and dismantled case: Laid out for Primer: Primer: Time for some Red: Designing Decals: Vinyl Printer: Front Decal Applied: Front Decal Inspiration: Logo Decal Applied: Logo Inspiration: Side Panel Decal Applied (Required two applications due to size): Side Panel Inspiration: First Layer of Paint: First Layer of Textu
  2. First I want to apologize for not updating sooner. Shortly after my last update, one of my daughters became ill. After a lot of testing, we found out she has a rare kidney disorder that causes her to get rather large stones. She has had one surgery and another one scheduled. In the middle of that and the holidays our family came down with COVID. For two weeks I was too ill to work on the project and even now have to take breaks. I am so thankful for the extension as we wouldn't have been able to finish the build without it. Without further delay; We call thee home; Lilith.
  3. I agree with this post! I too am setting a hard deadline to finish before the holidays are here. We changed the nature of our build to accomplish this. That said, I'm fine with an extension if a majority need it I know my situation won't be the same for others and vice versa.
  4. Sorry it's been so long since our last update We've had a couple hurdles thrown our way! Firstly we were having a problem finding a water-block for our ASUS ROG STRIX 2060. In a stroke of luck we were able to snag a NEW Gigabyte Eagle 3080 OC, but that too won't have a water-block available until Alphacool releases it in a couple weeks. So we decided 2 weeks ago to continue our build using a Power Color Liquid Devil 5700XT. Once the card arrived we really wanted to show case it's beauty and decided to Vertical Mount the GPU. Of course that was right before the CoolerMaster V2 mount came back
  5. Water Cooling and Cable Mods have arrived! This is my first ever custom loop, so I'm really excited about this!
  6. After lots of back-orders, my fans finally arrived!!! These are some amazing fans!!
  7. I attached my 3d printed horns to the case and tested them out with my wing prototype. I came up with a new wing prototype and connect them to the wings. I like the way these are turning out much better. I also marked off and wired servo motors which when connected to the wings will allow them to remotely open and close.
  8. I completed 3d printing my heart. Glued it together with resin and UV Lighting and sanded it down to hid the connections. I then practice fitted my tubing and "Artery" Sizes to make sure they all worked. I then painted the hear to look realistic and left the inside white to allow light to reflect inside the heart.
  9. Etching the glass - I've never working with this etching cream before and I didn't want to ruin the case. I ordered a piece of tempered glass in the correct dimension and thickness to mimic the case glass and did a practice run before doing the actual glass panel. Practice Etching: Vinyl is placed Etching cream applied for 20 minutes Removing the vinyl Final Practice Glass Etching the tempered glass panel: Vinyl is placed Etching Cream Applied: Final Glass Panel! I really liked how this turned out and how the light refl
  10. 3D Printed Heart (Small Mark Up): Slicing the heart at a larger size to fit our mod: We had a cold front come through and our temperature dropped 30 degrees. I didn't realize how that would effect our prints: Finally Success: Printed D4 Logos:
  11. Vinyl Stickers Layout Plan: : Vinyl Stickers Final Layout: HMMM Which Red to use Vinyl for Glass Etching Layout/Planning: Weeded Vinyl For Glass Etching:
  12. Wings Frame Prototype One: Hardware: Stage 1: Final Prototype before decorating:
  13. Hardware Unboxing Case Motherboard: Socketed Ryzen 9 (got excited to test the hardware out and forgot to take a box photo) NVME Memory Graphics Card: Power Supply Lilith Lives: Hardware test complete! I am on the hunt for a 3080 (like most of us) so I can really give her the power she deserves. I now have an idea of what our final water cooling loop will be as well as measurements to complete our mod. Time to start drawing.
  14. Hi~ My name is Jamie. This is our first ever computer case mod and also our first year competing. Under the name of Space Bar Mods my family and I wanted to take our skills to the next level. What better way to do that than jump in head first. We are avid gamers and PC builders but have never attempted a mod before, so any/all advice is welcome Our concept is directly from last years Blizzcon. It was our daughters first year attending and the new cinematic for Diablo IV really stuck with us. A poster we received at the event is our inspiration for the build and is included with our hardwa
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