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  1. here go folks,Batman the dark knight mod is complete,thanks to all my sponsor for support,i hope you enjoy it
  2. Finally here we are here are the final photos of the scrath build AKIRA ROG STREET RIDER MOD. Thanks to all my sponsor for collabaration
  3. Another small detail added before the final presentation I decided to customize the flow meter,inserting the batman logo inside it,So I remade all the internal gear and it works
  4. Finally we're there, the last parts of the hardware are arrived, and after Designed and printed in 3d the bracket to hold the video and painted all the parts is time to assemble all the scartch build Stay tuned to see the final photos
  5. Black Cable extension by Cooler master Cooler Master Psu mwe gold 750w full modular Rgb controller bu cooler master
  6. Hello everyone meanwhile the last parts of hardware are arrived ASUS rtx 2080 auper dual oc The motherboard ASUS Republic of Gamers MAXIMUS XII HERO (WI-FI) LGA 1200 Intel Z490 is ready with the CPU Intel core I7 10700k Masterfan sf120m
  7. Now that the reservoir is ready and has passed the 12 hours of testing, I set to work on the realization of the stand for the gpu, That will have the task of supporting to 45 degrees Outwards with fans upwards. Now that the mod is almost complete, I will dedicate myself to wood finishing operations before the final post Stay tuned
  8. Good, Sunday folks, Today we are dedicated to the custom realization of the reservoir, a mix of wood and aluminum plexiglas for an aspect that can be integrated well with the scratch build design, the reservoir will be quite large and will be placed in the front right of the case.
  9. Yes it is true was A problem for everyone, but me and other members (the talk is addressed to my personal Mods, And the one made with my Italian extreme modders team ) of my team. We committed ourselves to working even at night to get back on time, I think it's mainly also an organization problem. I was in the quarantine zone where it wasn't even allowed to go out, But in spite of everything we managed to organize everything. Another problem personally is the bad figure that I will go to make us comparisons of the brands that are collaborating with me and
  10. Hi folks, the custom reservoir Is finally complete, Welded and tested
  11. Good morning folks, Now is time to Dedicating myself to the realization of the direct custom cable, That will be exposed on sight in the back of the case,With cable passes made with a 3d printer Meanwhile came the 2 Ninjato, 4 Kunai and a tactical knife, that will be placed on the top and back of the case for illustrative purposes For the Akira character.
  12. Hello everyone Work with the 3D printer continues, after more than 36 hours of printing cleaning finishing and painting, the parts that make up the armor and some batman gift gadgets finally ready. These parts and the panel in which they are allocated will be the Positioned at the back of the case, so you also have the back on sight and as clean as possible.
  13. Hi folks, I prepared a video to better show the 100% completed front panel http://imgur.com/a/1kppgyy
  14. Hi folks, After a lot of work of 3d design and assembly, And after making this part for the second time, I can finally say that the top of the mod is almost over. The part has been made with aluminum parts, plexiglass parts and 3d printed Brackets that allow you to keep the entire structure firmly welded. I tried to keep a design as parallel as possible to what is the dark knight's style. Thanks for watching
  15. Hi guys, Today I dedicate to the custom realization of fan grills That will be applied to the top panel and the front panel.
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